Thursday, July 19, 2007

Let me explain myself

In case you don't have cable, or children between the ages of 2 and 15, I think I will take just a minute to explain the ticker above. I feel the need for you to understand the monumental day that is fast approaching.

In February 2006 BC (Before Cable), Bubba came home from spending the weekend at Gran's house with an interesting request. He said, "MOM! CAN I GO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH GRAN ON FRIDAY, MARCH 24TH AT 8/7 CENTRAL?" (I'm not exactly sure of the date, but you get the picture) I was curious as to what had prompted such a specific request from a barely 6 yr old boy. He explained that this new movie, High School Musical, was going to premier on the Disney Channel and since we didn't have cable, could he spend the night at Gran's house so he could watch it? Sure, call Gran and ask her. It didn't take long to arrange the movie date. We waited with much anticipation, but I really couldn't get in to the spirit of things because I never spent time at the Disney Channel.

Well, of course, the movie was a huge hit, Disney re-ran the movie every Friday night at 8/7 central for about 3 months, and then released it on video. We actually own 2 copies of it, but I'll save that story for another post.

As soon as the video came out, the girls watched it and fell. in. love. With the entire show, but especially with Troy, the main character. And it really is a captivating show, the first 20 times you see it.

Well, this summer the story will continue. Yes, on Friday, August 17, at 8/7 central the sequel, High School Musical 2, will premier. And this time around, we have cable. And it's summer. And the kids have an abundance of time to watch Disney Channel. And every 3 minutes there is a commercial about the premier of High School Musical 2. And did I mention that it premiers Friday, August 17, at 8/7 central?

So, I have been trying to work with the girls on learning the date of their birthday. It's in September, and to be fair, it is a hard month to repeat, much less, recall it on demand. But, anyway, we've been working on it. So, we were at the pool a couple of days ago and we met a new little girl and her mom. The mom asked Mary TuTu when her birthday was. She shrugged and said, "I don't know. Mom, when's my birthday?"

I said, "I don't know when is it?"

She said, "I don't know. August 17?"

So, we're just a tad bit excited about this new movie here at our house.


Laci said...

hahah sounds like fun!

javamamma said...

Funny. I've heard of the High School Musical but it has not become a phenomena at our house. Maybe I should see what the fuss is all about...