Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This just in. . .

It gives my son a twitch to think of a whole entire weekend without Disney Channel. "Mom, we can't go to the family reunion and be gone 3 whole days! What if something great comes on and I miss it?" Any day spent without Disney Channel on the nearest TV is pure torture for him.

So, he spent a good part of last Thursday afternoon looking through the programming guide on the DVR making sure that he wouldn't miss a thing. I comfort myself with the fact that this activity isn't entirely void of educational value. After all, he has to read the names of the shows and times that they air. And there is some need to understand the whole time zone factor so he can properly plan to record the show he wants at 8/7 c. Finally he decided that the only show he just couldn't miss was a movie airing Friday night. So the DVR was set.

Yesterday, while the kids were watching said movie, we saw it.

The commercial advertising the celebration extravaganza surrounding the premier of High School Musical 2! At least in 7 year old terms. The celebrations will begin with a "Suite Life of Zach and Cody" marathon, which just so happens to be Bubba's favorite. In between episodes of Zach and Cody, they will show all of the little teasers that reveal just enough about the new movie to get you excited to see it. When the marathon is over, and the premier time gets closer, they will air a cast party so that you can watch the movie for the first time with all the cast members. It will be just like you are there with them in person. Of course the main event is the movie, followed by a new episode of Hannah Montana, Bubba's second favorite.

Did I mention that the movie starts at 8/7 c? That's PM, in the evening. The Zach and Cody marathon? It starts at 10/9c. That's AM, people, in the morning! I am guessing over 12 hours of Disney Channel that day. Now I'm beginning to twitch.

I've got to hand it to Disney, they've truly outdone themselves this time. They have assembled an army of marketing geniuses. And their tactics seem to be successful. Bubba is already asking if he can record the Zach and Cody marathon. I'm pretty sure that will be a "no".


Larissa said...

That's really funny about my maiden name. I told my friend Sheila the other day, and she says, "I just got used to your married name!" :)

Madi loves Zach and Cody!!!! She thinks they are so cute!!!

javamamma said...

marketing geniuses indeed!

Laci said...

OKay so yesterday I was sitting eating lunch at McDonald's and the booth/table in front of me had a set of grandparents and across from them a mother and son. I noticed the boy tug on the mother's sleeve and whisper some rehearsed question in her ear. Haha and you would not believe what came out of that Mother's mouth.. in a sorta embarrassed tone, "He wants to know if he can stay the night with you on August 17 so he can watch High School Musical on the Disney channel?" Hahah you can relate right?!

jen at Conversations said...

Oh, yes, I can relate! At least we're in good company!