Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why we love grandparents

Friday we are taking the kids to spend a few days with Honey's parents. Having the kids spend a week with Grandma and Grandpa isn't a new experience for me. Pretty much every summer since Bubba turned 2 they've done it. But this will be my first experience with having a few days all to myself. Usually when the kids are at Grandma's, Honey and I head to a youth camp of some sort. And even though we were usually recharged spiritually, and the demands of 3 small children were being met by someone else, it wasn't really a break.

So, this summer of a million firsts, I will experience one of the perks of life after youth ministry. . . an uninterrupted weekend with Honey, followed by two whole days to myself while Honey is working. What's a worn-out momma to do?

I know one thing I don't plan on doing: cleaning. I have been trying to catch up on laundry, cleaning, and organizing so that for the 6 days the kids are gone I can relish the clean house that stays clean place that we rarely get to call our house.

So, blog friends, any suggestions? What would you do with your man if you had him all to yourself for a weekend? How would you spend your days with no kids in the house?


javamamma said...

Relax and romance! My Beloved and I celebrated our 10th anniversary and had 6 full days without kids - a first. We went to San Antonio but we didn't fill up our schedule. Just enjoyed doing nothing (well almost nothing ;O>) together!

Laci said...

-Go Buy a new spicy piece of lingerie! haha!!
-Go see a movie, or better yet.. rent one and cuddle on the couch with some hot cocoa!
-Take an evening walk.
-Spend some time praying together.
-Make mixed drinks!!
-I KNOW! Watch those high thriller marriage videos that like your Honey gave us!
-Take a nice warm, long bubble bath!
-Give your self a pedicure! OR Have your Honey rub your feet! OOooh..

Lisa said...



Long Baths

Take Naps during the day.

Go to Target

Try out the new Cracker Barrel with your husband

Candle light dinner at home

I would also take the time to paint my finger and toe nails and actually give them time to dry!

I truely could go on and on but I won't.....

sshough said...

Hey! My big kids were at Mom & Dad's last week. The whole "house stays clean thing" is awesome!! Naps are good. Lunch with friends. Lunch with hubby. Shopping without beggers attached. Go play putt-putt with Honey or bowling--something to laugh. (Well, we tend to laugh at ourselves doing these things!) Do something for somebody else that you wouldn't normally have time to do. Have fun, rest, enjoy!!

The Pittman's said...

It's just Matt and I and my house never stays clean. By the next morning, it's cluttered again. Have a great time relaxing and enjoying time to yourself. You should go shopping for you some new clothes. Have Fun!!

Larissa said...

Well the husband thing, I'm not sure about right now. But if I had one, we would definately eat out, take naps, go to the movies, stuff like that.

As for yourself...get a pedicure, go shopping, have lunch with friends...listen to the quiet for sure would be on my list! :)

The Binkley Family said...

I am getting in late on this, but I hope you guys just spent some alone time relaxing and enjoying your freedom from children. And as for your days alone, since you are so good at those plates, I think you should make some of those...assuming that they are fun and relaxing for you!

Cindy said...

WOW! Six whole days without kids and two whole days by yourself??! How fun! I'm sure you'll be ready to have everybody back, but in the meantime...

eat brownies for breakfast

meet a girlfriend for lunch

drive to the next town to go shopping all by yourself

get take out for dinner and eat it in the living room with your man

have uninterrupted time with Jesus

go to two movies at the theater in a row!

Go out for ice cream at 9:00pm

ENJOY! Can't wait to hear what you did! I'll just be over here coveting. ;)

elena jane said...

rofl, hotel, room service and lots of "do not disturb" on the door!!
hope you had lots of fun during your time away from the kids...what great grandparents :)