Saturday, August 25, 2007

And not a moment too soon!

Last summer we got the kids new bikes. The girls got those big-wheel type Barbie bikes, and Bubba got a big 2 wheeler. I had every intention of teaching him how to ride it last summer. I even promised to post a picture when he was riding on his own. But alas, it sat in the garage unused aside from a few futile attempts at learning to ride without training wheels.

So, this summer, Honey was home so much, I laid down the law. "By the end of the summer, Bubba will be riding that bicycle, and you're going to teach him!" So waaaay back in May and June, Honey and Bubba had a few riding lessons. But it was quickly becoming apparent that I wanted this accomplished much more than Honey or Bubba. So the lessons stopped.

Then this morning, I was doing laundry and Honey was mowing. Bubba went in, got dressed, and put on his shoes. I asked him what he was doing. He replied with a big smile and a look of sheer determination, "I am going to learn to ride my bike today." And about 15 minutes later, this is what I witnessed.

Now, before you tell me that we need to raise the seat, let me assure you, I know we need to raise the seat. But being the non-risk taker that Bubba is, he feels way more secure knowing that at any given point he can touch the ground flat footed with his bum securely on the seat.

I am just so excited for him! I was hoping that he would learn earlier in the summer so that he could enjoy riding up and down the double cul-de-sac that is our street. With school starting in just 2 days, he really pushed his end of summer deadline. But it just goes to show you that when momma lays down the law, things get done!


javamamma said...

It's such a feat to learn sans training wheels. Congrats to your guy!

My oldest learned 2 summers ago and my middle one this year. I threatened to make the 4 year old learn too so we'd be DONE with training wheels, but alas, looks like one more summer of a tiny bike with training wheels. Ah well.

SJ said...

YAY Bubba!!! Way to go, bud!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bubba!! I always said you were one of the smartest kids I had ever met. Now, you are one of the most talented. Ronda