Sunday, August 26, 2007

How we spent our weekend

Last week we went to "Back to School Night" at the elementary, and tomorrow is the first day of school. Notice, there is no ticker at the top of the blog commemorating this event. That is because Bubba is not excited. He knows who his teacher will be, and he's seen his classroom and read the class list, and that's all he really needed. Now it can go back to being summer. But, that's not how it works. They usually host "Back to School Night" when it's time to . . . you know . . . go back to school.

This is the grin that came when we were celebrating learning to ride a bike. It also made me remember that we have had a busy summer in the tooth loosing department. I LOVE THAT BOTH OF HIS FRONT TEETH ARE GONE AT THE SAME TIME! And he talks with a really cute lisp, too! And, since the tooth fairy and I had that little come to Jesus meeting, she hasn't missed one visit.

In other news, we've been obsessed with watching the Little League World Series. It seems that the team from lil' old Lubbock, Texas was a force to be reckoned with. Going into the national championship game yesterday, they were 20-0 and had outscored their opponents 300-something to 15. They came in 2nd in the nation, and won a chance to play with the runner-up team in the international pool. They played today for the 3rd place in the world . . . and won. The also employ one of the best pitchers in Little League history. Did I mention that they are from Lubbock, Texas? You know how we Texans get when the boys do us proud.

You can read all about their last two games by following the links. When you look at the pictures, remember that we are cheering for the boys in blue.

Well, we're off to get ready for the first week of school. Y'all have a good one!


javamamma said...

My girls wouldn't admit to being ready to go back to school either...but they were. A week into it, life is good.

SJ said...

My girls have mixed feelings on school. I think they are both ready and excited for the most part, but Mackenzie thinks school is "boring" (her bad attitude term for everything these days) and Rebecca (the sweet and tender one) says she'll miss her momma. (Awwwww!) And momma is having a hard time sending her off (the same way she had a hard time sending the first one off her first year). They dont start til next week, though.

I love the two front teeth out as cute! (or am I supposed to say "cool" him being a guy and all). Rebecca has one front one out and if she'd wiggle her other one it'd come out too...she hates wiggling them.

I'm proud of your tooth fairy! Our tooth fairy doesnt always remember to perform either...but lately our problem is that Mom (and kid) forgets to even put the tooth under the pillow...for days. Duh!

sshough said...

We survived the first day of school. Sweet Boy was looking forward to it, but a little nervous. Last year he knew his teacher from baseball. Today he came home with a big smile. I asked if he liked his teacher. He replied, "She is better than I thought she'd be! I can't wait to go back tomorrow!" I am so glad!
Hope ya'll have a good week!

The Binkley Family said...

Well, I have you to thank that we are in such great shape so far for kindergarten. Zach is doing so well!

I am glad to see we are not too far behind on the bike riding, and I am glad that Bubba was able to tackle his challenge!

Cindy said...

The tooth fairy didn't come until the fourth night at our house last week! Maybe we need a come to Jesus meeting.

elena jane said...

the TF shows up a few days later here from time to least ds3 isn't that bothered.
i have a BTS night tonight...and i am a homeroom mom, what was i thinking....