Monday, August 06, 2007

Because I'm such a good friend

Well, it has been an amazing few days! The kids seem to be having fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house. At least they aren't calling to beg us to pick them up early.

And since I know how few and far between weeks like this come along, I'm going to share with you every little thing we've done for the last 2 and a half days. So you can live vicariously through me. Because I'm such a good friend.

Friday, my sister-in-law and I drove about 400 miles to make the kid swap. She picked hers up and I dropped mine off. So, on the return trip, I enjoyed uninterrupted, not responsible for the kids in the back seat, adult conversation.

Friday evening, Honey and I went to eat at our favorite Mexican food restaurant, and didn't care how long we had to wait to get a table because we weren't paying the babysitter by the hour.

Saturday morning, I slept until I wanted to get up. Then I caught up on my favorite blogs while drinking my coffee. Then I watched HGTV. Then I went and helped some friends move in to their beautiful new house.

Saturday afternoon, Honey and I went browsing around some of our favorite stores. Then we went and had appetizers for an early supper. We finished just in time to make it to a matinee movie (special thanks to my secret pal who gave us movie passes for Valentines' day). And after the movie we went to the store closing sale at Dunlap's where we scored new sheets for our bed at 50% off. Then we came home and watched a couple of episodes of Last Comic Standing that have been recorded on our DVR for a while now.

Sunday morning we slept in and skipped Bible class and went to late service. Then we came home and cooked lunch. And then we did nothing. (Just a quick side note here to my kid-less friends: I know it sounds boring to just do nothing, but we parents never get to do this, and some day I think you will understand why a whole entire afternoon of doing nothing sounds so heavenly it's worthy of a church day.)

This morning, as luck would have it, Honey had jury duty, so he would not be working out of town. We planned to meet for lunch at a not-so-kid-friendly restaurant we'd been wanting to try as soon as he could convince them that he was not a good prospect for a juror. I spent some time at the pre-school getting my brain ready for school mode.

After lunch, I browsed through my favorite teacher supply store on the way to get a pedicure. The pedicure was lovely, by the way. It has been far too long since I've had one.

And now I am getting ready to go to the pool and lay-out/swim/read until Honey gets home from shooting guns with his brother. I will actually prepare a meal this evening, probably some sort of salad. Unless someone calls at the last minute and wants to go out to eat, just on the spur of the moment. Because I'm flexible and uncommitted like that.

Tomorrow, I plan on doing some computer work for school here at the house until 10am. At which hour all of the retail business open. Then I will spend a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble, and visit a few specialty shops that I've been dying to see. I will probably also do some more laying-out/swimming/reading tomorrow afternoon while I wait for Honey to get home from work.

But, by Wednesday morning at 8:30, I will be ready to see my kids. Well, probably. . .for sure by 1:00 when we meet them at the truck stop for lunch.


The Binkley Family said...

ah....I am jealous! I am glad that you have had some much needed R&R. Better than a vacation!

Laci said...

Sounds awesome! My favorite line: "Because I'm flexible and uncommitted like that."


Laci said...

Oh and what movie did you see?

jen at Conversations said...

We say "No Reservations". It was supposed to be a romatic movie, but it wasn't. It was sad and a little boring. Save your money.

javamamma said...

Sounds like a fabulous few days of doing not-much-of-anything! I shout for joy for every couple anywhere who gets a little break from parenthood for a few days. I definitely feel refreshed and ready to be mamma again after a few days of bliss!

Leslie said...

Dunlaps....I only know of 1 store in TX with one and I am from there...or at least I think. Small world.