Saturday, August 18, 2007

A day for the history books

I know you are all dying to know how the family liked High School Musical 2. Well, settle in and I'll tell you. (And, yes, I took pictures.)

Thursday evening, the night before the big premier, we realized that the record feature on our DVR wasn't working. Translation, we couldn't record High School Musical 2. I realized this at approximately 8/7c, giving me 24 hours to contact the cable company, schedule a repair time, and GET IT FIXED! We must record the movie. How else would we be able to wake up the morning after the big premier and watch the movie AGAIN? It won't be out on DVD months!

Friday morning, at around 7:59, I called our cable company tech support. I wanted to be first in line for getting that repair man to our house. Over the phone, in about 4 minutes, they were able to connect to our DVR via the telephone cables, the cords that plug in to the wall, magic? I don't know how, but I called and told them that it was broken and 4 minutes later, it was fixed. And, I found out that tech support is open 24/7. So I could have called last night even though I was already in my pj's and had them fix it right then and there. No repair man required. I love tech support!

Once the DVR was fixed, we were free to make a trip to Walmart to pick up the soundtrack to HSM2. Gran offered to pay for it, so we did her shopping for her. The version we got also came with a 45 minute DVD of the making of the movie. We cracked the CD open and listened to it in the car on the way home, and as soon as we got there, we watched the DVD. After the DVD, we were inspired to make decorations for our little party. So while the kids were making their cast posters, we listened to the rest of the sound track.

The kids drew their own pictures of Ryan, Chad, Gabriella, and Troy. I also drew my own pictures of the leading ladies Gabriella, Sharpay, and Taylor.
I am not an artist, nor have I ever claimed to be, but it sure was fun coloring with the kids.

At this point, the girls had been up since 6:15 am and were getting tired. So while they napped, Bubba and I finished decorating for the party.

The girls were so surprised to see the fruit of our labor that they agreed to pose sweetly for a picture.

At this point, there was not much more to do besides cook and wait for Honey to get home so we could eat supper. We had hot dogs and homemade chocolate ice cream. We finished eating just a few minutes before the movie started. There was a countdown on Disney channel all day and here is the shot with just over 8 minutes until show time.

Here is a pic of the kids with just under 8 minutes until show time.

We watched the movie, and the premier of the new series, and the new episode of Hannah Montana. And then we were all partied out. At random points during the movie, Mary TuTu would climb in my lap and exclaim, "Oooo, this is such a good movie!". Bubba and Brooke were less expressive, but they were glued to the TV so as not to miss a thing.

In the end, they gave it 6 thumbs up!

Oh, and, this morning? On the Today show? I heard that HSM 3 is already in the works. My family says, "Keep 'em coming Disney!"


javamamma said...

You say you're not an artist but I think the hair you've drawn is very beautiful!

The Binkley Family said...

We watched it too! I can't wait for another one. It is too fun!

realitymomma said...

we actually had a church party that night, but recoreded too. we watched it at 10:30pm. it was worth letting the girls stay up to watch it. we too have got the soundtrack. what fun and cheap entertainment. yahoo. loved the baseball scene.....

Lisa said...

You guys are nutty, but very fun! Glad you had such a fun time with your family. They are going to remember that forever! Your such a great mom. I cannot get over how much your girls look like you. Little clones I tell ya!

elena jane said...

what FUN!! i didn't even know it was on, i am SO out of touch. tho i have rented the first one. so disney won't repeat it??
and YAY for 24/7 tech support...and a dvr, i'm still working on getting a dvr....

SJ said...

You're so fun! Sounds like yall had a blast! The girls didnt get to watch it, but I saw that it's coming on again Thurs evening.... :o)