Monday, August 20, 2007

If you make a movie named High School Musical

I just couldn't resist, y'all. I promise, after this, I'll quit.

If you make a movie named High School Musical,
People young and old will probably love it.

And if everyone loves it so much,
You'll probably have to release it to the masses on DVD.

The DVD will be so popular that just a few months later you will have to release a second "remix" version DVD of the very same movie with a few new bonus features like how you made the movie and how to dance to all the up-beat songs.

People will buy a second copy of the movie, will still long for more, anything, so you will need to ask the actors and actresses who starred in the movie to do a concert tour reliving the excitement of the story live and on stage.

You will need to tour the world with your live show, and the actors and actresses will be recognized in every country and in every language.

All the time spent traveling will give you time to think of a new, great idea!

You will begin to make a new movie: High School Musical 2.

And, if you make a movie named High School Musical 2,
All of your fans will begin a worldwide countdown to the premier of the new television event.

During the worldwide countdown, they will plan parties to celebrate the exciting evening of being reunited with their favorite East High Wildcats.

The thought of being reunited with the Wildcats will cause the fans to debate whether or not Troy and Gabriella will actually get to reveal their true feelings for each other and FINALLY KISS ALREADY!

And if, on the night of the movie premier, while attending their parties and watching the movie with their friends and family, the fans actually get to witness Troy and Gabriella's first kiss, EVERYONE WILL LOVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2!

And if everyone loves High School Musical 2 . . .
You will probably have to make another movie named High School Musical 3!


javamamma said...

Can anyone say, obsession? Just kidding. ;o)

SJ said...

ROFL! You crack me up!

The Binkley Family said...

that was cute! did you hear that the HSM 3 is going to be on the big screen?

Larissa said...

Okay, so I'm probably asking the wrong person, but is it good? Is it good for kids? I've never seen it, and I hear Madi talk about it, but I wasn't sure about it.

Mommy Spice said...

This post cracks me up. I'm so glad to see that you're 32 and love it as much as me...38. Just this morning my spicy girl was singing one of the songs. NOw come on, she's 4. Do you think she's the one asking to watch this movie over and over? No, it's me...all me. And today I thought the soundtrack would be so much fun to have. Now, I don't sit down and watch the whole movie over and over...I just fast forward to fun songs and, of course, the kiss at the end. Hee-Hee. Why isn't my daughter a little older so I can have a better excuse for buying the soundtrack? Oh, by the way, I've already thought about HSM3. LOL.