Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall means only one thing

Here's a totally mindless post. Because I think yesterday we established that my brain is fried.

As a complete side note, I think the $9 taco meat did teach me a lesson. Yesterday, as soon as I finished my post, I gathered all the calendars, newsletters, and cries for help from the PTA and filled in October on our lonely, abandoned, family calendar. After I introduced myself to it again, I was amazed at how busy our last 4 weeks have been compared to how empty the squares were in Sept. I usually write every little thing down and let the calendar take over in the fall and dictate what my daily schedule should be. But for some strange reason, I didn't use my calendar to it's fullest potential in Sept and only wrote in things like "first day of school" and "Squirrel Hunt" because, you know, something like "Squirrel Hunt" is totally forgettable.

Ok, back to mindless. I am glad that fall is here. There's a freshness in the air between the hours of 8 and 9 in the morning. And the excitement of high school football reigns. And the fall TV line-up. The excitement reigns about it, too. Our family welcomes all of our favorite shows like old friends at homecoming. Bubba loves "Biggest Loser". And the whole family really gets in to "Deal or No Deal". The girls like to pretend that they are the models who hold the cases while one of us pretends to be the contestant.

Honey and I love "Survivor". We usually record it and watch it after the kids are in bed. Let's be honest, it's not the greatest example of a TV show in the respect of being fresh and innovative, with each season different from the one before. Since there have been like 85 seasons so far, the freshness wore off long ago, but it's some TV common ground. It's fun to discuss the various players and the drama they are involved in each week. It's something we do together.

I also love "Grey's Anatomy", and because of my love for it, I plan on watching "Private Practice". Just to see if it promises to be as great as it's parent show.

The show that I'm most excited about is "Men in Trees". I was a fairly late-comer to the last season, but it was decided by the powers that be to cut the first season short. So since about January we've been kept hanging. We haven't seen the last 5 episodes of the first season. So, we are promised that starting on Oct 12, we will again have some new episodes about our favorite town in Alaska and they will run un-interrupted for a while. We'll see.

What fall shows are you looking forward to? Do you watch as a family, or do you reserve TV for the not so young eyes and ears?


The Binkley Family said...

My friends and I are addicted to Grey's Anatomy, but I have not yet decided whether or not I will watch Private Practice. I guess I have about eleven hours to decide.

I usually watch TV after Zach is in bed, and then only ocassionally. I just can't seem to find the time or remember when stuff is on and we don't have a DVR yet.

I am addicted to all of the house flipping shows on TLC and I watch them all weekend when I can!

Larissa said...

yeah for Fall!!!! I love it!

I tried to watch Grey's Anatomy, but I think I am one of the only people in America who hasn't gotten into it.

I am however ready for LOST!!! I don't know when it's coming back on. That is probably my favorite.

I do like The Biggest Loser too. I think seeing their transformation is so neat!

sshough said...

Our favorite show to watch together is the "Tearing Down Show" aka Extreme Makeover Home Edition. But Sweet Boy's favorite part is...the tearing down part! Of course, football will take over for baseball. And my favorite show is off the menu, so I'm looking for other projects.

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you asked an easy question! My brain is fried, too!

My kids are allowed to watch a minimal amount of tv- a couple things a week, usually on the weekends. Scott loves all the HGTV home improvement and cooking shows, so we'll let them watch those, too.

My favorites- The Office, Amazing Race, 24, LOST, and Grey's. So I'm going to watch Private Practice as well. (Especially since I like Addison way better than Meredith.) I'm so ready for some good mindless zoning on the couch right now!

Laci said...

Uumm I'm with you Larissa, I watched Grey's some before they all started having WOO HOO with each other. But, mostly, I can't stand grey's anatomy. UGH, it makes me want to poke my eyes out. There's too much pointless drama in that show. Haha.

However, now that I'm out of college, I have time to actually keep up with a television show, rather than just wait for it to come out on rent.. I watch House, Hereos, and CSI religiously, but I also really enjoy Law and Order. I'm interested in a couple of the new shows, like Life and Bionic Woman, we'll see how it goes tonight for those two.

Jen, Fred, Jennifer or Mom said...

Embarrased to admit it, but we watch American Idol.....usually as a family......

Hubby and I watch 24 and I like Lost.....eldest son likes to watch that with me......

elena jane said...

so what did you think of "private practice"? i missed it, so i have to watch this week. we also watch "survivor" and "grey's anatomy" and i am SO excited that you mentioned "men in trees", that show hooked me last season and i watched all the other eps that i could online!!
the only shows my kids watch with us, sometimes is "survivor" and only the older 2 usually. it's not always G rated imo. we watch "american's funniest videos", it drives me crazy, but the boys adore it. and i watch "battlestar galactica". we netflix "weeds" ;-)

fun post....:-)