Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A little of this and a little of that

I am feeling very scattered today. Kinda' like I've been spinning plates and keeping them all going pretty well . . . until today. And today one stopped spinning, so just like the dominoes, they all fall down! So, in keeping with the scattered theme, I'll attempt to hit the highlights in bullet form.

  • The girls' Barbie party this weekend was a great success. Thanks in part to Honey talking me in to buying a cake instead of adding to the stress by making/decorating 2! I always thought that the girls should have their own cake since they have to share a party, but sharing a cake didn't seem to bother either one of them. Which reminds me . . . I need to write the thank you notes.
  • Friday night when I was attempting to put Mary TuTu's hair in sponge curlers, she protested loudly. She was afraid that everyone would laugh at her curls despite all the affirmation she got from everyone at preschool a couple of days earlier. I was confused until she confided in me that one of the boys in her class said she looked funny with curls. Dumb boys! I guess it really is true that you need 30 positive comments to make up for 1 negative.
  • Today, one of the spinning plates that I dropped was at preschool. Each month we have a teacher luncheon, potluck kind of thing. Last year, I never once forgot to bring my item. I should have known that the streak wouldn't last! Today, I forgot to bring the TACO MEAT for Mexican stack. And since I don't live close enough to just run home and get it, my gracious director offered to just order some take out style from a nearby restaurant. I insisted on paying for it, since it seemed like the natural consequence for forgetting. Maybe that'll teach me. Hello? $9 for 2 lbs of prepared ground meat!
  • Remember how lazy and totally non-stressed I was back in the summer? Well, since Bubba started school the last week in August, we have jumped from one major event to another. Finally, Sunday, I felt like it was all over already! At least for a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to settling into some sort of a normal routine!
  • Because of the stress of the last 4 weeks, I indulged in some retail therapy yesterday. I found some new shirts for fall for me and the girls, and we spent some of the girl's b-day money on new dressy shoes for fall/winter.
  • There is a shopping center in our town that hosts Steinmart, Mardel's Christian Bookstore, TJ Maxx, and Cato. Target and Old Navy are not far away either. Sounds like shopping heaven to me!
  • While in Mardel's, I found and promptly bought the new Monk & Neagle CD for $6.99!

That's all for now! Tune in next time for another riveting installment of what's going on in my life!


Cindy said...

Hey sweet friend. Thank you so much for your email and the scriptures. As soon as I can get some retail therapy, I'm buying some clothes and some stickers!! :)

Do you like the M&N CD??? :)

javamamma said...

Tis amazing how fast life can take a turn once the school year hits. Good for you getting some 'therapy'!

I just found out a Super Target opened in the city (30 miles away) this summer. It was a mistake to browse through last night. It's now going to be my main source of shopping....even though it's WAY out of the way.

SJ said...

(((HUGS))) You're definately not alone with the spinning plates (and dropping them) thing. I find myself saying "This is just September?! I'm not going to make it!"

Glad you got some retail therapy...I do miss L's shopping (and restaurants).

Sticking my tongue out at that mean boy...and calling him a weed. (Oh my! I havent thought about that in a loooong time!)

Love ya!