Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So I don't forget

Yesterday was one of those days. I spent the entire day feeling lavishly blessed. I know that every day I am blessed, but I love it when I'm aware enough to feel it right when it's happening. And believe it or not, this is my 200th post! I love that I will be using it to celebrate my blessings from God!

Yesterday was the first day of preschool. The girls were preparing to start the young 4's class and I was preparing to teach the old 4's. It wasn't the first morning that I'd had to get myself and 3 kids ready and make 4 lunches, but IT WAS MY FIRST DAY TO TEACH THIS YEAR! and I wanted to keep the morning stress to a minimum. So, Monday evening, I made all the lunches sans the sandwiches (because I hate night-before-sandwiches) and Bubba noticed what I was doing. He was curious, and so as I was getting it all ready I explained it all and what item went with which person.

So yesterday morning, while I was prying the girls out of bed, Bubba got up, got dressed all the way down to his shoes, and went straight to the kitchen and put everyone's lunches together! All by himself, without being asked. All I had to do was make the sandwiches. While I was doing this, he disappeared into the pantry for a while. He finally emerged and asked where I kept all the flavor packets that I like to add to bottled water. He thought I'd like "a treat on my first day of school". I just about lost it right there! You know it doesn't take much to make me cry, (greeting card and credit card commercials, opening a new aisle at the grocery store) and so it took all I had to hold it together as I hugged him and thanked him for all of his help and thoughtfulness. I was on cloud 9 as I drove to preschool a few minutes later.

My first day went really smooth and I love my little class. The best part about Pre-K is that we usually don't have to deal with tears (except from the mommas). So I was enjoying the day until we got to chapel and I saw the girls with their class looking all grown up. When you spend 24/7 with the little angels, you just don't notice how big they're getting. During our restroom breaks, I could peak into their classroom and it hit me that I only have 2 more years with them at home! TWO more years! What will I do when there is complete silence in the backseat while I'm running errands. I will probably still ask the empty car if everyone is buckled up just out of habit. Will I be lonely? How will this first step of "letting go" feel?

I know, I KNOW! I'm usually the one that is the first to admit that I'll throw a party when all of my kids are in school. I'm not sure where this wave of nostalgia came from, but it lasted ALL DAY! When the girls came to my classroom after school, I couldn't get them to hug me long enough. It took almost 8 years to really feel it, but I love having my kids at home! Life will be so different when I'm all alone in the house from 8:00 to 3:00. And on top of all of that, my secret pal gave me a Starbucks gift card in honor of the first day of school. That alone is worthy of a good tear up.

So then we came home from getting the van looked at (I'm having problems with the driver's side window rolling up. It's really putting a damper on my drive through Sonic/Starbucks runs.) And being the prepared person that I am, I had supper all cooked in the crock-pot. Right before we sat down to eat, one of our former youth group members came by. She needed to drop off some paperwork for Honey as she needed a referral letter. We had a great time catching up on her life. Years ago, she started coming to youth group with a friend. She was truly a seeker. She was searching for meaning and hope in her life and I like to think she found a place in the youth group. We watched her grow into a sweet young Christian woman. She was so open to God and his direction in her life.

I worried that after graduation she would go off to the local state college and get lost in the shuffle. She doesn't come from a Chrisitan family and didn't have those fundamentals to fall back on. For a period of time, she did get lost in the shuffle, but the seeker in her never forgot what she learned in youth group. Eventually she found a college group that she loves. She has lots of friends there and is reaching out to her lost friends knowing that they are seeking the same thing she was. Now she has grown from seeker to a mentor. She is firm in her faith and is involved in sharing it with anyone who will listen. It was so encouraging and refreshing to see so much growth in her! And it all started with her best high school friend inviting her to youth group. What a blessing to be able to see a bit of God's fruit from our labors in youth ministry.

So, I'm still flying high from my day of blessings . . . to say the least. It makes the sink full of dishes I need to face in a few minutes look like a piece of cake! Have a great Wednesday!


Cindy said...

So happy God poured out blessings on you! :)

What a beautiful servant's heart Bubba showed! I bet he's seen it modeled in YOU!

Larissa said...

That was such a good post! I got nostalgic this morning too. I had never cried about Madi starting k-garten, but today it just hit me when I dropped her off.

I remember seeing you at Sunset when you would drop off "bubba" (you know I don't even know his real name) and you would have to get the stroller out for your girls. It looked like quite a task. (And now I find myself doing the same thing!) time really does go by so fast.

I did figure out that you taught there too. I didn't know what class you were I do! I will look forward to seeing you! I really like their program so far. There seems to be a lot of care and experience put into it.

I saw Pete Christy there yesterday. I think yall should tell Wendy to do an "I beat Pete" challenge with him and the kids. You know maybe a coloring contest or something. I'm sure since his daughter goes there, he would probably let yall win or something.

Okay this was a really long comment!

Great post!!!

By the way, I'm pretty emotional too. And I agree with your list, but I guess I've never really thought about the grocery store aisle thing. I'll have to think on that one! I guess it would depend on what the aisle had on it. :)

Laci said...

I cried too! He's such a great son!

javamamma said...

Beautiful post! I pray the rest of the year goes as well as the first day.

Enjoy the next 2 years of running errands with a crew in the backseat. You'll miss it....atleast parts of it! :)

SJ said...

Awwwwww!!! What great blessings! Bubba's sweetness started to get me all teary eyed too...and you know me...not much the teary eyed kinda girl. (Although I admit I am way more than I used to be).

Being in the midst of backseat drudgery myself you got me thinking about when it ends...then what. Thanks! I needed that.

elena jane said...

aww, what a sweetie pie :)
glad the first day went well...2 more years...that's what i keep telling myself too (tho for me, it's 3)

sshough said...

What a sweetie! He has been watching his parentes! Something must be in the air with our kids. Sweet Doll came in after bedtime last night and said, "God told me to give one of my toys to a kid who lost all of theirs." We said ok, but had no idea really where we were going to take this toy. Today Sweetheart called and said, "One of my students' homes just burned to the ground. Do we have some clothes to give them?" "And a toy?" I replied. I hope she keeps listening to God! It just gives me goosebumps!

As far as the "only two more years"...Girl, I was crying "Only 18 more years" at senior Sunday when the first one was born!

And on the crying bit...I have cried at an NFL commercial! (Of course, I was pregnant at the time. But seriously?! An NFL commercial!) haha Take care!