Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yeah, I'm famous!

Well . . . I know some famous people. Ok . . . I remember them, and they may or may not remember me.

If you'll take a look at my sidebar, you'll notice a couple of cool buttons. The first one is for Monk & Neagle. Now, to tell you the truth, I didn't know they existed until I read about BooMama's obsession with them. And truly, I'm not what you would consider a music connoisseur. I spend most of my time listening to Veggie Tales, soundtracks to the various High School Musical movies, Corbin Bleu, and Hannah Montana.

When I get some adult music time, I love listening to Christian music. My favorites are Cademon's Call, Barlow Girl, and Casting Crowns. So when I finally took the time to listen to the links BooMama so graciously provided, I fell in love with the music of Monk & Neagle. Just the kind of stuff I like. I was convinced to pay attention the next time she mentioned them. And as not to disappoint, a couple of days ago she published a write up of the interview she had with M& N.

Trent Monk and Michael Neagle . . . hmmm . . . Michael Neagle . . . that name sounds familiar. Oh. My. Goodness! I went to high school with a guy named Michael Neagle! Could this be the same person? I looked at the picture a little more closely and was convinced that it was! So, I immediately e-mailed my BFF, and asked her if I was right. She has a way better memory than I do. (Probably because she is way more organized than I am and can walk right to the spot where she keeps her high school yearbooks. As opposed to me who can't remember at who's house my high school yearbooks are stored right now.)

Anyway, she confirmed that, yes, we did go to school with a Michael Neagle, and after looking at the picture online, she agreed that he was the same person. So, I went to high school with Michael Neagle. Of the group Monk & Neagle. Excuse me while I have a stalker/groupie moment.

OK, I'm back to normal now. So, it's been, like, forever since I was in high school, and me and Neagle weren't BFFs or anything, so he may or may not remember me, but I know him! And it's great that he has been blessed with such an awesome opportunity! So, I'm just spreadin' some love around for the fabulous duo Monk & Neagle. If you are in the mood for some new Christian music, follow the link above or click on the button in the sidebar. And if you want to buy a CD, the newest one is in stores now!

Well, the button underneath that one is my friend Aaron Watson. He's a country singer, and girls, that boy can sang. We grew up together. His parents and my parents are good friends and still see each other on occasion. Aaron and I also went to high school together, but he is a little younger than me. So, I grew up watching him play little league baseball. Because that is what you do in the summers when your younger brother plays baseball.

I haven't seen Aaron in ages, but Mom and Dad tell me that he has a sweet wife, and a beautiful family. Again, we weren't BFFs, but if I re-introduced myself, explained who my parents and brother are, and showed him the picture of him and I dressed up like pilgrims at pre-school he would probably remember me.

So, there you go, my claim to fame. Friends from my past that are living their wildest dreams. And I wanted to show my support, because, if your friends don't brag on you, who will?


javamamma said...

Well congratulations, you famous gal! I'll have to go check out Monk & Neagle....

Misty said...

this is way cool.
I have never heard of them, but celebrity is celebrity and you are one by association now. Will you be sending out autograghed 8x10 glossies?

The Binkley Family said...

And I thought I was famous because I had a newspaper article I had written published in our local paper!

I haven't ever heard of that band, but I will have to check them out.