Monday, October 22, 2007

Is it tomorrow yet?

I know. Empty promises. I seem to be full of them lately. Tomorrow, I will exercise. Tomorrow, I will cook dinner. Tomorrow, I will update more.

Well instead of reading all of my empty promises, how about joining me right now in thanking our Father for taking care of Jerrod Shelton. You can read this for all the details, but here's the jist of it. . .NO CHEMO OR RADIATION WILL BE NEEDED!

Jerrod has had a very busy week. After we saw him, he got rid of the shunt needed to help with fluid build-up, moved out of CCU to a regular room, began physical and speech therapy, and is currently anticipating a move to the rehab center.

I told his parents today that I thought he looked great when we were there, but when I saw the pics on the website from the last few days, my heart said, "There's the Jerrod we know and love!"


javamamma said...

Thank You Jesus!

Laci said...

I thought the same thing. When I saw the pictures from today and yesterday, I thought, he is looking so much better! God has worked a miracle here.

Misty said...

so inspiring!!! Praise God in deed!

elena jane said...

and do you know, one of the other mom blogs i read, she also writes about jerrod!!