Friday, November 23, 2007

Probably why it's called Black Friday

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
**originally posted by jen on Nov 26, 2005**

Well, we did it today. Honey took me back to where the "Black Friday" incident happened. It was a big step for him. He was able to tell his story and retrace his steps.

Maybe I should start at the beginning. . . Well, Honey's mom has begun her Christmas shopping. On her shopping list, among other things, are 2 GameBoys. While perusing the "Black Friday" sale ads, Honey noticed that Walmart would have them on sale for like almost half off, so after several phone conversations, he volunteered to go by the store here in our town and see if he could get a couple. He's not afraid of getting up early, or going up there without doing his hair or brushing his teeth. So. . . At 4:30 yesterday morning, Honey walked through the doors at Walmart, expecting to stand in an orderly line with 50 maybe even 100 other level-headed, polite, bargain hunters.

What he saw was pandemonium. It really can only be described as utter insanity. Bumper to bumper baskets, pushing, yelling, everyone in a hurry. . .Finally making his way to the electronics section he was directed to an area to await the bringing out of the elusive GameBoys. He met a few other shoppers. One lady that had been there since 3:30, AM. One guy that was obviously a rookie wearing flip flops. As the minutes ticked by you could feel the tension in the air.

Finally it was 5:00, time for the sale to begin. Since Walmart is open all night, they have to keep the merchandise in the back until the sale is set to start. Otherwise the pandemonium would just go on and on and on. . .The portable DVD players with 2 screens for the car were the first to come out. Honey says just watching that was enough to make you want to give up. People were shoving, yelling, and literally ready to fight over the things. Then came the lap top computers advertised for $400. An associate came out and chose the first 15, yes 15, people he saw waiting for them and escorted them to the back to get their prize. They didn't even trust the mob with bringing them out on the floor.

At last it was time for the GameBoys! In an attempt to hide the stash, the employees were rolling them out in a cart in bags, to appear inconspicuous. The shoppers had waited as long as they could. As soon as they saw what they were, the mob turned on the basket. A mere 20 feet from where they were to be delivered. Honey says there was no way the employees could have stopped the angry crowd. People were screaming, pushing, and hoarding as fast as they could. The patient shoppers waiting in the designated spot of delivery were out of luck. The nice guy does not always win. Honey says that even though he is a pretty tall, stout guy, they were even pushing him. Completely unbelievable!

Honey did not return home empty handed. After the electronics nightmare, he headed to housewares where he got a $4 coffee maker, a $4 food chopper, and a $20 electric griddle. Let's just say there was less fighting in housewares. I awoke at about 7:30 with the kids and found him unwinding from his morning of violence playing a game of football on the X Box. He then engaged in some therapeutic eating by making us all these fabulous pancakes on his new electric griddle. At least the trip was not all in vain.

This morning I broke the news to him that we must go back. I was worried that it was too soon, I mean 24 hours is just not long enough sometimes. . .but he was a trooper. As we walked in the store at 9:30 this morning the scene was a mere whisper of what it was like just 24 hours before. We had our pick of the baskets, and plenty of room to maneuver the basket plus the two seater attachment with our children buckled in.

As we walked across the front of the store, the memories began to flood back and his story just spilled out. After he was finished talking, I distracted him with helping me fill our grocery list. It was extensive, so it gave him plenty of time to wander the store and remember the good times had in Walmart.

Now we know why it is called "Black Friday".


javamamma said...

And people wonder why I won't participate in the 'fun'..... (I enjoyed sleeping 'til 7 this morning!)

elena jane said...

it's crazy....and i do not get the insanity. i slept in too, went shopping yesterday.
btw, did you ever get gameboys later?

Jenn said...

i too, did NOT participate. haven't in three years. yep, i rededicated my life to just having a wonderful friday off to decorate for christmas and eat leftovers :o)

SJ said...

Wow! That's so insane! I didnt go out but a friend of mine did and said Target was nearly empty Friday morning. I guess that's the difference in the MT laid back attitude. No one is ever in much of a hurry and you just dont catch people out and about very early.