Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Something to be thankful for

Well, we're headed home to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Greats and Uncle Bubba tomorrow. Uncle Bubba works at a restaurant and has to be there all day. So, instead of cooking for hours and hours, we're loading up the family and heading to the restaurant for our holiday dinner. We'll get to eat with Uncle Bubba AND skip the crazy prep and loooong clean up. When they pitched this idea to me, I immediately replied, "I'm totally in."

So, as to not totally abandon the feeling of a homemade holiday dinner, Mom and I decided to make a brunch for the relatives to eat while we wait for our 2:00 reservation.

I've been wanting to try Pioneer Woman's recipe for cinnamon rolls, but needed an excuse to bake something completely from scratch. Well, Happy Thanksgiving! I finally tried it. And they are heavenly! Ree's really outdone herself on this recipe. Oh, and if you're curious, these would probably be really good, too, since they are made from the same dough.

If you find yourself snowed in this holiday season, making these cinnamon rolls would definitely be a fabulous way to pass the time indoors.

In other cooking news, I also made a pecan pie. This is newsworthy because pecan pie is Honey's favorite, and until about a week ago, I'd never in almost 10 years of marriage made him one. I always thought they were too hard. But when I saw Big Mama's tutorial and recipe for pecan pie, I decided it didn't look so hard after all. Honey was so excited when I presented him with his very own pecan pie. He loved it and said it was the best one he'd ever eaten. His happiness was only slightly dulled when he saw on Biggest Loser that pecan pie has the most calories per slice, beating out pumpkin, cherry, and banana cream.

So, there you go, my Thanksgiving meal contributions. We'll have a wonderful time. I hope yours is great, too!


javamamma said...

I, too, made homemade cinnamon rolls (though I have a bread maker that whips up the dough) and a pecan pie (for the first time). And may I say, that the pecan pie LOOKS rockin', we'll see if the taste matches.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Larissa said...

I hope yall have a Happy Thanksgiving!

elena jane said...

hubby makes divine cin rolls. i would gladly eat a whole tray. no topping necessary. and LOTS of brown sugar. to die for!!
i make the pumpkin pie ;-)
rolls last a day, maybe a day and half in our house. we had two pies, they were both gone by saturday morning. i had cin rolls, no pie ;-)