Thursday, November 08, 2007


Last night at supper the conversation took the turn that it usually does when talking to the girls lately. . . the boys they are crushing on.

Mary TuTu said, "Sweetie is my favorite boy."

"Yeah, and Cutie is my favorite boy," chimed in Brooke.

Mary TuTu explained with, "Yes, I told her to like him so she wouldn't like my boy."

I'm laughing now, because I know that in a few years, there will be heartache involved when we have discussions like this.


Misty said...

thats hilarious... This is the very reason that I am glad my daughter A) has no sister close to her age, and B) that her cousin who is her age, goes to a different school!

SJ said...

That is too funny! You're in trouble, girl! Thankfully my girls havent a clue that they can crush on boys yet. Yeah...even the 3rd grader!! (Hope I'm not jinxing myself here)

Cindy said...

So cute! There is something so wonderful and yet so potentially painful about sisters so close in age, isn't there??