Friday, November 30, 2007

Yeah, I'm famous: College Football Quarterback Edition

Oh, yes, I know a few Div 1 quarterbacks. OK, it's really more like there are less than 6 degrees of separation between me and a few quarterbacks. I've never really had a conversation with any of these guys, but we are connected.

Let's start with the hometown boy: Graham Harrell : quarterback at Texas Tech. He seems like a nice enough guy, smart, humble, respectful. We have a good friend from our ministry days that was Graham's youth minister. Our friend even baptized him. So there you go. Me. Friend. Graham. (2 degrees)

Next up, the other Texas boy. He's my personal favorite even though he's not the hometown hero. Colt McCoy : quarterback for the University of Texas. He's my boy. Or at least that's what the girls tell me. I think they've heard this conversation too many times.

"There's your boy Colt." Honey informs me.

"Really? Where?" I ask looking at the TV.

"He's number 12, the one throwing the ball."

He's not really my boy. I just want to see him do well. When you kinda' know someone, you want them to be successful, right?

When I was growing up I went to Camp Blue Haven. I loved it there and eventually spent 2 summers working as a counselor there. During those two summers I met many people that impacted my life. Honey and I met there. I'd say he impacted my life. I have so many great memories of my "campmance" with Honey. . .


Also, I met a youth minister and his wife, Mike and Jan. He was a teacher and she was the nurse during one of the sessions. I grew to love Jan and tried to hang out with her as much as my campers would let me. When she came back as a fill in nurse a few sessions later, it made my summer. So anyway, Colt is Mike's nephew. Besides being a blood relative, he's got the Blue Haven advantage. I'd say that 's a pretty strong connection. So me. Mike. Colt. (2 degrees)

And, one more, just for kicks. Kirby Freeman :quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes. (Did you notice that I made the font color of the guys' names match their respective schools?) To be honest, he doesn't start every game. Apparently the coach over at Miami can't make up his mind who he wants to lead his team. But that's not my problem. When Kirby's in the game, he usually plays well. I hope they stick with him for a while and let him show them his stuff.

Some of our best friends are related to Kirby. Bruiser's Dad is Kirby's cousin. And not the "we were related at some point, but now I'm not sure if we still are since that thing happened with Aunt Bessie so I don't really know what to call you so I'll call you my cousin" kind of cousin. Like real life, spend holidays together, call you on the phone cousins. Me. Bruiser's Dad. Kirby. (2 degrees)

Told you I was famous.


Cindy said...

How do you even have time to blog with all the autographs you must be giving???

javamamma said...

Cindy's comment made me laugh. That's pretty cool though. I think there must be a million degrees of separation between me and any famous person.

The Binkley Family said...

We are friends with Michael and Jan and sometimes, I am told, Colt comes to visit these parts. So, you know, I am famous too!