Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quite the party animals

Well, we really went all out and had a celebration extravaganza for New Year's Eve. We're still recovering. I'll hit the highlights.

I started scrap booking around 2:30 when we made the kids take a nap. They were pumped about staying up until midnight and were easy to convince that 12 am was so late that they would never make it without some "extra rest". While I was scrap booking in the living room, Honey was busy watching every bowl game he had access to. At one point I thought he was snoozing on the couch, but, alas, he wasn't. The channels never ceased flipping back and forth to the appropriate channels.

At about 6:00 we had leftovers for dinner. Actually Honey and I had leftovers, we fixed the kids a grilled cheese or a bowl of cereal or something. I can't remember. On a completely unforgettable note, we did snack on Christmas Crack throughout the evening.

If you aren't familiar with Christmas Crack, sear this image into your memory. Look for it at Target around the holidays next year. The real name is Poppycock, but I think "Christmas Crack" is a much more accurate name, and it's much easier to say.

Some time around 10:00 we tucked the kids into our bed and let them watch Disney Channel. They were really hyper and crazy, and that imposed on our scrap booking/bowl game watching.

Around 10:30 I finished my project and moved to the couch to watch the rest of the football game. When the last bowl game for the evening was decided, we stayed on ESPN and watched some crazy guy from the land down under jump over 322 ft. on a motorcycle, twice.

Then at midnight we toasted the new year with sparkling white grape juice.

Here the kids were looking more lively and awake than either of their parents. I think we were all in bed by 12:06.

New Year's Day was much more exciting. We all slept in and got up just in time to get the Monkey Bread in the oven while we watched the Rose Bowl Parade. I LOVE the Rose Bowl parade! Someday I want Honey to take me to see it. I'll even go to the game afterward, just to make it fun for him.

You might remember that Monkey Bread is a tradition in our family. And, as good as Lana's Monkey Bread is, there is nothing like eating the treat just how you remember it as a child. So, just like I promised, here is the way my family makes monkey bread.

4 cans biscuits (the small eat 'em in one bite kind)

1 stick butter

cinnamon and sugar mixture (oh, about 2 cups?)

In the picture above you'll see every step needed to make this delicious treat. First, cut each biscuit into quarters. (Yes, every biscuit, all 4 cans. And, no, Mary TuTu is not using the knife. I was, but took a break to snap this pic.) Then roll the little pieces of dough in the cinnamon and sugar. Bubba is taking the cinnamon covered dough and evenly placing them in a greased bundt pan. Honey is in the background simmering the stick of butter and about 2 or 3 tablespoons of cinnamon/sugar (maybe more, maybe less just keep adding until its a nice brown color and it's gooey and easy to pour). When all the biscuits are in the pan, pour the butter mixture over them. Bake at 350 degrees for 25- 30 minutes or until cooked through.

When it's done, flip it over onto your favorite serving dish and eat it while it's still warm and gooey! It goes perfectly with this coffee.

After the Monkey Bread Fest, we entertained Honey's brother and family and enjoyed a relaxing day.

Next year I plan on trying this idea to help keep the parents, ahem, I mean, kids awake until midnight. I love this idea!

Happy 2008!


Jenni said...

one way to make it even ooey gooey-er is to dip the biscuts into melted butter and then the cinnamon sugar mixture -- then pour more butter over top when you are done layering. yum. I might just have to make this on Sat morning!!

Jennifer said...

Oh I haven't had Monkey Bread in such a long time I think I will have to get crackin' on this.

Misty said...

your monkey bread recipe sounds SOOOO Easy! I need to do that! :)

Rosheeda said...

And now... I have to make monkey bread. My nephew will love me. His parents, not so much.