Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Wrap-up

Get it? Wrapping up Christmas? Like you wrap presents? Christmas Wrap-up?

So. We went to the land of the Lastnames for Christmas. After spending Friday night and Saturday celebrating here with my family, we got up and drove all day Sunday to see the in-laws. In case I haven't been specific about where the Lastnames live, their town is in the western half of New Mexico, very close to the mountains. So close, in fact, that Honey's parents actually live in the mountains. Their land is surrounded by National Forrest. So, when I say that we spent Christmas in the mountains, this is what I mean:

We spent Christmas gazing out the window and enjoying this view. My theory is, if you're going to have in laws, you might as well have ones that live in the mountains. It snowed off and on the whole time we were there. The best thing about living in the mountains is that there isn't much to go and do while you're there. Unless one is in to hunting, fishing, hiking, or playing in the snow there isn't much to draw one outside. So, Sunday evening when I arrived I took my shoes off. And I didn't put them back on until Thrusday morning when we were loading the car. All the Lastnames came to our house for Christmas Day, so there was literally no reason to go outside for 4 glorious days.

The kids, however, couldn't stand not going outside. So they played in the snow, built a fort, and various other things that one does outside. I just don't know what they were because I was terribly busy doing other stuff inside. With no shoes on.

And true to Lastname tradition, the morning after Christmas, all the Lastname boys loaded up and went coyote hunting. Let's recap. We've already discussed the Lastname tradition that involves squirrel hunting , and now there's one that involves coyote hunting.

Don't, however, be fooled. It may look warm and sunny, but that morning when they left, it was -10 degrees. That's 10 below, girls! THANK GOODNESS it's Lastname tradition to leave the girls at home when on said coyote hunt. (We didn't eat anything with coyote in it. Just in case you were wondering.)

If the level of tiredness the kids were feeling by the end of the week was any indication of how our Christmas went, I can report with all certainty that we had a good one. If you need further proof, just keep in mind that I had absolutely no reason at all to put shoes on my feet for 4 whole days!


The Binkley Family said...

I am glad that you got to put up your feet for a while. After all that gift wrap making, I am sure you needed a break! :)

Glad you guys had a good Christmas...and in the mountains! How beautiful....I am jealous!

Misty said...

It is a clever title! :)
It sounds (and looks) so fantastic!!! What a wonderful, and incredibly deserved, retreat!

Lisa said...

WHat a pretty view! THat is nice to be able to go somewhere and relax and without feeling guilty about doing so! What a nice Christmas! Hope your New Years is wonderful too!

Larissa said...

I was wondering if y'all would eat coyote, thanks for clearing that up! :)

SJ said...

Nice view...especially from inside! Glad you got to stay roasty and toasty up there. I especially like the no shoes part.

Dont worry...I completely understand that the only thing coyotes are good for are for shooting!

javamamma said...

I LOVE no-shoes days or better yet, weeks! Happy New Year!

Chrissy Cross said...

Great pics! We ate monkey doo on New Years as well.