Friday, April 04, 2008

Bloggy Blankness

Several of my favorite real life people have finally come over to the dark side and started blogging. It seems, though, that the honeymoon is over for most of them and they are out of blogging ideas. They're drawing a bloggy blank, so to speak.

I totally understand this quandary. I myself have hit this same bloggy wall many a time. We're all at risk. It happens to the best of us. So, I thought I'd throw out a few ideas, suggestions if you will, of how to find your bloggy groove again.

Post about what you're doing
Lots of times we're at a loss for words because we don't feel like life is exciting at the moment. Nothing blog-worthy is happening. Tell me a story. That's really what blogging is all about right? I love the stories. Tell me about the little things that happen every day. Some of the funniest, snarkiest, most poignant posts are born out of everyday happenings. Here, here, and here are a few that I've read just recently.

Post about stuff you should be doing instead of blogging. Like spring cleaning, cooking, closet cleaning, office remodeling, cabinet cleaning, yard work, dishes. Oh who am I kidding, the list could go on and on couldn't it? Decide to tackle one of those projects and then tell the whole world wide web about it. We're women. We love seeing other people's houses and hearing about their latest organizing technique. (If you post something along those lines could you let me know so I can come check it out? I need some inspiration. My bathrooms are filthy.) Here and here are a couple of examples.

You could also post about something you're preparing to share at another forum. If you're studying for ladies class, spring retreat, or a MOPs presentation, try it out on us!

Start a series
You don't have to be remodeling your office to get 3 or 4 posts out of one subject. If you're planning your kid's birthday party, show us the invitations, the cake, and the party favors. If you've been studying the fruit of the Spirit, tell us about how each one has impacted you. If you're knee deep in to a sewing project, share it with us step by step.

Participate in a blog carnival
There are many, many blog carnivals out there. If you're unsure what a blog carnival is read this. If you're pretty clear on the definition and just haven't jumped in, here are a few that will get you started.

These are all the most current versions of the particular carnival. If you want to participate, wait until the respective day, go to the homepage of the host site, find their carnival post and link up.

Menu Plan Monday
Tackle it Tuesday
Ten Things Tuesday
Works for Me Wednesday
BooMama's American Idol Wrap-up
Show and Tell Fridays

Spread the linky love
When you're stuck on something to say about yourself, say something nice about someone else. Write a post featuring some of your favorite bloggers and link to their blogs. Tell the whole world wide web how much you love them and never want them to stop writing. Admit how many times a day you click on their site until you see a new post. Come to terms with your stalker tendencies. Maybe a good cleansing is all you need to get the creative juices flowing again.

So, there you go. That's all I've got. I'm tapped out. What are some of the tricks you use to thaw your bloggy brain freeze?


javamamma said...

My tip: Post some photos....especially of your kiddos. Everyone loves to get a peek into your family!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Girl, this was brilliant!! Loved it; it is a keeper!

Shelly said...

hmm...was this a hint!? I'm posting! I'm posting! Thanks for the ideas!

Mommy Cracked said...

Eggcellent post! I've seem to hit a bloggy blank myself.

Becoming Me said...

Excellent post with wonderful ideas. I also think that for some blogs it is ok to not post every day.

The Binkley Family said...

Thank you! I have been suffering in the worst way!

Thanks for the tips.

SJ said...

Who me? Couldnt be! Yeah...I've been in bloggy blankness for a while. The new color update helped a lot, though (the brown was starting to depress me). Thanks for the tips, oh bloggy experienced one!