Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Some News

Let's see. . .

What else is happening at the Hairdryer house?

Well, there's this . . . my brother moved in with us last week.

I had my regular hair appointment this morning and told my girl. So I guess it's public knowledge. Paying My Girl to do my hair every 6 weeks is the cheapest therapy I've found. It works for me.

Sorry Prayer Group and Shelly. I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten around to telling y'all about this. Normally y'all are the first to know about big life changes like this, but this one just happened so fast.

The kids call my little younger brother Uncle Bubba. I used to call him Bubba, so now my kids call him Uncle Bubba. It gets a little confusing sometimes because we call our son Bubba pretty often. But so far we haven't encountered any communication problems.

Uncle Bubba is going through a transition time in his life right now. Heaven knows that the Hairdryer house knows all about transition. And every once in a while, when you're going through a transition, you need a little help. An extra hand. A place to crash. So we offered.

We told the kids a few days before the big move. They were excited and ecstatic. Both. If you have children, you know the emotion I'm referring to. They spent no less than every waking second talking about the big move and wondering when it would happen.

At one point the girls and I had this conversation:

Girls: "Four kids! Mom, we've always wanted another kid in our family and now we have one!"

Me (Not surprised at the mention of another kid. We have that conversation very often. In a word - it ain't happening.): "Who's the 4th kid?"

Girls: "Bubba, Brooke, Mary TuTu, and Uncle Bubba!"


Misty said...

wow... that is a big change. Is it a long term event or an undetermined amount of time?

Shelly said...

Wow... that is a big change! Praying for ya'll!

javamamma said...

I hope you enjoy having an extra 'kid' for a while! :)

Cheri said...

Tell Uncle Bubba Hi for me! I have some great college and camp memories of him.
Hope that the transition is a good one, though transitions are sometimes painful!

SJ said...

Well...they have a point. LOL! (I'm kidding, Uncle Bubba!)

Yikes! That's quite a change! Sorry to hear he's going through a transition time, but I hope all goes smoothly...for everyone.