Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Reading LIst

SJ over at Life in the Estrogen Ocean is asking us to post our summer reading list. A couple of weeks ago I asked you web girls to give me some suggestions for my reading pleasure. And as a direct result of those suggestions, I've made my list.

I'll go ahead and admit right now that it's a pretty long list, and my expectations are pretty high if I think I'll be able to actually read all of these books while still fulfilling my duties as a wife and mom. But, hey, a girl can dream, right? We've got to have goals...

by Karen Kingsbury


by AJ Kiesling


by Tracie Peterson

Land of My Heart
The Coming Storm
To Dream Anew
The Hope Within

I'm a sap and a sucker for a good love story. My favorite genre is historical fiction/romance. I love reading about the 1800s. That time frame just fascinates me. So I am particularly excited about the Peterson series. If I do happen to get through all of these books this summer with time to spare, I'll continue adding to my list. Don't worry, I'll be sure to let you know when I do. Have I ever kept anything from you?

I just finished Skizzer, and I plan on starting a little bloggy game with it on Monday. Join me, it will be so much fun!


SJ said...

Oooo we'll have to compare notes on how we liked these once we're finished! (I'm almost finished with "Return")

How'd you like Skizzer?

Misty said...

Those KK books are amazing... I don't really like Christian Fiction but I love her...