Thursday, June 12, 2008

A story about me and Uncle Bubba during the growing up years

My brother and I are really nothing alike. We're polar opposites in many ways. He likes the night life, I'm a home body. He doesn't mind rocking the boat, I'm more...diplomatic. He's in to Sci-Fi TV, I like HGTV. But we were raised by the same parents, and although we've both questioned it over the years, we are biologically related.

I think the fact that we are so different concerned my parents when we decided to let him move in with us for a time. But so far, opposites attract, and things have gone smoothly.

When I was a Sr. in high school, Uncle Bubba was a Freshman. That was the year I learned just how different we really were. I was in to choir, he liked band. I was in to Student Council, he was...not. I was glad to have all of my PE credits behind me, he was in to athletics. One thing we shared in common that year was our Spanish teacher. I was taking second year Spanish, and durning another period, Uncle Bubba took his first year. We were never in the same classes, and we didn't hang out together much, but pretty much everyone in our school knew that we were sibblings.

I spent lots of time at school after hours, so I had a great relationship with all of my teachers, including Mrs Spanish. But Uncle Bubba was actually closer to her. He and his buddies would go over and help her with house chores and such on the weekends because her hubby was sick.

This went on that whole entire school year. Us having the same teacher at different times of the having the same last being brother and sister. Then I left for college and Uncle Bubba began his Soph year.

When I came home for Christmas break after my first semester of college, I attended Uncle Bubba's Christmas Band Concert. It was a sort of homecoming for me. I got to see a lot of my old friends and teachers and I flitted around talking to everyone. When I saw Mrs Spanish, I sat down next to her and visited for a little longer because I wanted to find out how she was since her husband had passed away.

She was really surprised to see me, and at first I thought it was because I'd been gone for a semester. But then she asked, "Since you're a big college girl now, what made you come back for a band concert?"

I laughed and said, "Well, my brother had to sit through so many of my performances, I thought I'd return the favor."

She said, "You have a brother? At this school? Do I know him?"

I was shocked and I'm sure my mouth dropped to my ankles. "Yeah, Uncle Bubba is my brother."

Then it was her turn to be shocked and her mouth dropped to her ankles. "I had no idea! But that does make sense. You have the same last name. You mean last year when I had you both in class, all along you were brother and sister?"

"Yeah, crazy, huh?"

She said, "Well, I never would have guessed. Y'all are nothing alike."

"Yeah, I know."


javamamma said...

Funny stuff!

Jen said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you came over and said hello on my losing motivation blog. I've wanted to come back to chat and, like a TOTAL IDIOT, didn't bookmark your blog url and couldn't remember what it was. Just knew it was something about a blow dryer or hair dryer or something and I couldn't ever find you. . . anyways. I hope you are doing good.

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SJ said...

Oh, now that's too funny!

Larissa said...

I understand that, I'm very different from my sisters. The older we get I think Suz and I become more alike, but our core personalities are very differerent. She always tells people, "well, if you like me, then you'll like my sister L, because she's the really nice one."