Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Favorite Things - Summer Edition

Blek! I've been posting so much sugary, syrupy, sappy stuff lately I need to go on a diet! Enough with the love story already!

Back in January some of us posted a list of our favorite things. While perusing my archives, I came across my list, and I was struck that many of them were winter in nature. Probably because January happens in the wintertime. Then I seemed to remember somewhere, someone mentioned something about that exact thing and suggested that in the summer we do another Favorite Things list. I bet your list looks quite a bit different now that it's 6 months later and 60 degrees warmer.

Let's play with the same guidelines and suggestions. I'm posting my list here. You post yours at your place and then leave a comment here at my place so that I can come read yours. It'll be so much fun!

Jenni's List of Summertime Favorites 2008

  1. Having a community swimming pool just a couple of blocks from our house.
  2. Reading some good fiction
  3. BBQ Baked Lays
  4. Skinny Cow Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches
  5. Coppertone Continuous Spray Sunscreen 30 spf
  6. The slow paced, do it when you get to it days of summer
  7. The fact that Uncle Bubba works for a yard service so he keeps our grass mowed for free
  8. Decaf Lipton Iced Tea sweetened with Sweet n low
  9. Sonic
  10. Air conditioning
  11. My Tevas
  12. The fact that all 3 of my kids are old enough to do a few chores
  13. VBS
  14. Getting reaquainted with old friends through the internet
  15. The anticipation of MIRLing new friends that I've "met" through blogging
  16. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion
  17. Looking out my office window and seeing green grass all the way to the fence.
  18. Arriba! Coffee, Snickerdoodle flavor

Go ahead. Share some of your favorite things.


Cindy-Still His Girl said...


SJ said...

Definately #2, #4, #5, (#6 hasnt happened for me mean it's supposed to slow down?), #10 would be nice, #12, and #14.

I'll have to try #18.

I'll get my list may be after my parents leave, though.

Misty said...

MMMM @ #4...

And I miss the community pool! We had one before we moved...

Amanda said...

My favorite things about summer are flowering plants in pots on the front porch, fresh tomato sandwiches on fresh white bread (the kind that sticks to the roof of your mouth), homemade ice cream, and pontooning on the lake.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I definitely think it would be easier to post the things that I don't like about Summer!

I really, really, really love this season!

By the way, I am going to reply to your email tonight...I have just been crazy busy! :)

elena jane said...

reading, sweet tea, coffee and green grass, whoo hoo..and tevas, i'm jealous :)

elena jane said...

oh and i will do a favourite list too...not sure when though....takes me a couple days to think thru these lists ;)

KarenW said...

Hello! I found you on Gayle's blog and thought I'd stop by. A Sonic is being built nearby and I can't wait until it opens. Looks like it will be a while though. Enjoyed reading your list! I'll have to do this too.

Shelly said...

better late than never right!