Thursday, July 17, 2008

My babies are growing up and I don't like it one bit.

When the girls were little I couldn't go anywhere without someone stopping me and asking if they were twins. There were days when I didn't think I could find a polite response if one more well meaning person interrupted my grocery shopping to discuss how I must have my hands full with twice the baby fun.

Then there were other days when I would just stand and talk to anyone who would dare to make eye contact because I craved adult conversation.

The girls grew up with all that attention, and at about age two they would stand in the basket, shriek "Hi!" and wave to every. single. person. we passed. They both love the social interaction, and they were both equally devastated when a person was stone cold enough to walk by without acknowledging them. How can you resist two blue eyed cuties with matching smiles that lit up the room?

By age three they were wise to the grocery store small talk. They could initiate and follow-up on the entire conversation all by themselves. "Hi! We're twins. We're thwee. Mommy got her hands full."

Now that they are creeping ever so quickly towards their 5th birthday, fewer and fewer people stop us. They don't look as much alike as they used to. Mary TuTu is quite a bit taller than Brooke. They like to wear their hair differently. And...they are starting to want to wear different clothes.

I am certainly not ready for this latest development. Here's how it works. If I lay out matching clothes for the next day, they usually put them on without much of a fuss. They look like my sweet little dolls that I've dressed up for the last 4 years, and all is right with my world.

If I just tell them to go and get dressed and allow them to pick the clothes...

we end up with something like this. In this picture Brooke has just rolled her eyes at the thought of taking time for a picture. She is "late for soccer practice and then after that cheerleader".

Mary TuTu is thrilled at the thought of getting to pose for a picture. She insists that I take a few so I can get her at many angles. She has just informed me that she is "delighted to be a part of the talent show".

When I found out I was carrying twins, I was adamant that we raise them to have their own personalities, their own interests, their own lives. We didn't choose rhyming names and I didn't want to dress them alike.

Then we had our shower and we got the most adorable little outfits ever. And there was two of everything. So the dressing them differently quickly went out the window. I grew to love seeing them dressed alike. I love seeing two of everything hanging side by side in their closet. When we are looking for shoes, my reflex is to look for 4. When we pack for a trip, my mind automatically doubles everything. It's habit.

As the nature of a child often teaches us, things don't stay the same forever. Change happens. And right before my eyes, my kids are growing up. I know it has to happen. I know they will be stronger, smarter, and more confident because of it. I know deep down it's what I want for my children, to realize their own dreams and passions. But I don't have to like it.


Jennifer said...

aww Mary TuTu looks like an actual super star! I can't believe they are almost 5!

elena jane said...

omg, but they are adorable! and ya know, i always try to not make a big deal out of twins when i see them cos i thought the mom wouldn't want that...but make a big deal out of ALL kids...and i love talking to ppl when i shop.
i just love dressing a girl....i probably buy enough for twins (only not in duplicate) ;)

Cheri said...

It is hard to watch them suddenly mature (almost overnight) but it's also a blessing.

Misty said...

they are so adorable!! i love them though. That growing up over night thing is so hard!

Rose said...

Aww, they are so darling! I have a five year old so I can totally relate to the getting themselves dressed-crazy-outfits thing. Also, I'm married to an identical twin. I used to get a kick out of going places with the two of them and watch the heads turn. People are just fascinated with twins no matter what age!