Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Post that's NOT about Weight Watchers

A little over 10 years ago, Honey and I were planning our wedding. We didn't have many fights during the whole planning process, in fact I can only think of 3. One of them was about our bedding. Honey didn't want anthing too girly, flowery, or pretty. I wanted something classic, versitle, and blue. Because I love me some blue.

We looked high and low, over and under, in the expensive stores and the discount stores. We were finally ready to give up, when one day I came across the perfect compromise. It was a reversible comforter with a subtle flower print on one side and a neutral plaid on the other.

I dragged Honey to the store to see this one last choice. He gave in because it was blue, and the flowers weren't really bright and in your face, and because I sweetly agreed that sometimes we'd have the flowers on top and sometimes we'd have the plaid. It was the perfect compromise. And we loved our new comforter set. And in all ten years that we used it, we never once displayed the plaid on the outside.

Every once in a while, Honey would change the sheets on the bed. I would walk in a few minutes later to discover that he'd turned the comforter over and displayed the plaid. I would leave it for about an hour and them promptly turn the comforter back to it's best side. I guess that 7 hours over 10 years was enough to satisfy the "sometimes" in our comforter compromise clause.

Now that we're an old married couple, Honey has been itching to buy a king size matress. Every time we sleep in a king sized bed in a hotel, he comments on what an amazingly, heavenly sleeping experience he's had.

I've been a little hesitant to think about a king sized bed, not because I just love being so snuggled up with my sweetie every night. It's because I've dreaded the new king sized comforter shopping. Since that fated day 10 years ago when we registered for our newlywed bedding, I've never seen another comforter that I like, much less one that I think Honey will endure. I was pretty sure that the perfect compromise comforter was only a mystic legend, and we were just lucky to happen upon it once in our lives.

Since the first time Honey brought up the king sized purchase, I've been on the prowl for a comforter. I decided that if I ever found a suitable ensemble I'd purchase it. Whether we had a king sized matress or not. Because you never know when a mystic legend will disappear into thin air.

And friends, I bet you see where this is going. Monday was the day of legends. Honey and I were enjoying an afternoon to ourselves. Honey needed a restroom break in JC Penny's, and I waited for him in the comforter section. While I was browsing, I happened upon the only other comforter I've ever liked in my married life. And it was on sale. The king size set was only $170. For a king.

Honey returned to find me perched on the bedding display. I turned to him and said, "I like this, do you?"

To which he replied, "How much is it?"


"For the whole set?"


"I like it."

And that was it. No fighting, crying, or pouting. We've come so far in 10 years.

We brought it home. I pinned the bed skirt so it would fit our queen. We picked up 2 king sized pillows at Walmart to fill the shams, and we brushed off the fact that the comforter is much too big for our queen sized matress. The hurdle to a king sized matress has been jumped. Honey couldn't be happier.

Would you like to see some before and afters?

I took this at Christmas for the home tour. It's the only one I have of the old stuff.


Doesn't it make a huge difference?! No one is more surprised than me that it's not blue. I love that it goes with the color we already had on our walls and the curtains we already had on the windows. It also goes with our furniture, which I love, but is admitedly hard to compliment. It does have flowers, but they aren't all girly. Now all we need is the bigger matress so you can actually see the really cute bed skirt.

I really love it, which is a good thing. Because we only do this every 10 years or so.


Misty said...

i LOVE it! I do... I am pretty sure my friend has the same comforter... And i loved it for her too!

Bedding is so funny.
We looked for the whole of our marriage. we NEVER had anything we were satisfied with.
Then, 5 years ago I fell in love with a pottery barn quilt. Chw liked it, and low and behold we still use it. People come over and we get the "you still use that?" response.
We love it!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Yeah, you! :)How fun to have a new set!

Jenni said...

it is gorgeous! I have such a hard time committing to anything like bedding -- which is why I love my all white bed!!

Erica said...

I love it!! I too have had a hard time with the bedding issue but because I cannot seem to find anything I like:)

Krista said...

Love it, love it!! Okay, as I began reading this post, I was laughing . . . we SOOO did the floral pattern on one side/plaid pattern on the other side too!! Oh, the 90's!! =) I got your email btw . . . just hadn't had a chance to respond yet! Also, keep it up, girl, on the weight . . . you are doing GREAT . . . almost 25 pounds, right? WHOO-HOO!! =)

Shelly said...

It looks great! We got new bedding a year or so ago. It makes such a difference! And we went with the red tones too. But ours is a plaid--Honey would probably like it!

SJ said...

Oooooo I like it! I like it!

I's SO hard to find bedding I like. As of a year ago, we're on our very second bedding set too. Maybe it's a 10 year thing? LOL!