Thursday, August 07, 2008

Little Dog Lost And Brad Pitt

We went out to dinner last night (nacho night at Mama Rita's). When we got home I was headed to give the girls a bath, and Honey was working on the computer. We both heard this yipping sound and went to the back yard to investigate.

There was a little black puppy running around in our grass. We don't have a little black puppy. We don't have any dogs. The Hairdryer house is a no pet zone.

Honey got the poor thing a bowl of water, but he didn't seem interested in drinking it. He was happy to just yip and whine. The kids fell in love with him immediately. Mary TuTu named him BooBoo. Which, given her name here in blogworld doesn't seem so out there, but here in the real world, it's not that great of a name for a dog. And anyways, we don't need to be giving the dog names because we aren't keeping it.

After searching for over an hour last night, Honey didn't find the owner. The little thing was getting really worn out and hungry. Uncle Bubba came home from work and also instantly fell in love - in his manly, cool, Uncle Bubba way. Uncle Bubba warmed a bowl of milk for the little guy and had him lapping it up in no time. We gave him his fill of milk and tucked everyone in bed for the night.

This morning, bright and early, before even Bubba was fully awake, the pup starting the yipping and whining. That comotion woke Bubba up and he made another bowl of milk for the little guy. Bubba stayed out there with him while he drank, and the companionship and the warm milk seemed to satisfy him.

Before long, Uncle Bubba was awake and checking on the puppy. He picked him up and cuddled him for a bit and then disappeared into his room. He came out with a pillow and 2 towels and made a bed for the puppy.

The girls woke up next. They both dressed in record time and spent the better part of the morning petting him and keeping watch by his bed while he napped.

We decided to print up some fliers and pass them around the neighborhood. This puppy is still pretty young. He probably wasn't even weaned yet, so we don't think his mama is too far away. While we were knocking doors, we met a delightful grandmother who spends her days home alone. She flitted out to the front porch and talked to us for about 30 minutes.

Her name is Catherine and she is a retired school teacher. She taught for 2 months shy of 40 years, and she's lived in 6 states, but this is her first time to live in Texas. Back in Missouri she had a beautiful yard, but here in Texas, it's so dry and hot it's just hard to grow anything. Especially if you want flowers to grow in pots. They just don't like the dry heat, even if you water them twice a day and fertilize regularly.

And just when we were about to say goodbye, she noticed that the girls are twins. She wanted to know all about if twins run in my family and how on earth did we survive having 2 at a time? She shared that albinoism runs in her late husband's family. He had 2 uncles and 1 aunt born with the condition.

And, in case you haven't heard, Brad Pitt just had twins. And, Catherine's son went to high school with and played football with Brad Pitt. And some time I've just got to come back and read her son's old high school yearbooks and I can see Brad Pitt's football picture. Only I can't read any of the inscriptions written to her son in the year books. Becasue those are his private things, but I surely can look at the pictures.

According to Catherine, Brad was such a nice boy from a wonerful family. He and his brother would push their mowers around the corner every so often and mow for her mother-in-law because she was elderly and needed some help doing it. That's just the kind of boy Brad was.

She just found out that Brad's parents are in France right now visiting. She's not too high on the Angelina Jolie thing, but, you know, it's working for them. And at least they give a lot of their money away.

As I was typing this, I realized that now, there are only 2 degrees of separation between me and Brad Pitt. That's the best one yet!

We did finally have to excuse ourselves because the girls started pulling her fake filler flowers out of the pots. But she invited us back to visit again any time. We'll probably take a walk over again some morning. She really was fun to talk to, and she loved the kids. And if she lets me look at the yearbooks, I'll totally tell you all about it, K?


Jill said...

i have posted the book contest on my blog. it was fun, and i've enjoyed reading a bit about you. i, too, am doing weight watchers...trying to get off that stinkin' baby weight!!

The Binkley Family said...

This post cracks me up so much! Keep us updated on all of the above.

So happy that I am now three degrees from Brad.

Larissa said...

That's hillarious. Okay, first sounds like "BooBoo" is now a family pet to me. 2nd, Brad Pitt...I have been in love with him since the "Thelma and Louise" Days...his real name is William Bradley Pitt. I kind of fell out of love though when him and Jenn split. I was a team Anniston girl.

Misty said...

is his name really brad pitt though? I forget...
i LOVE that she informed you you'd not be reading any of the signatures, as those are her sons personal business! ha! probably has one from Brad, what with him mowing his grandmother's lawn and all... Bet it's worth money.
Rent a spy camera and share with the world...

But really, she seems very sweet and if no one takes the puppy, we will. Just call. And let your neighbor know I need to see the book, but am illiterate so I won't read the notes...

SJ said...

First, if you do keep the dog I'll even lend you the endearing name I've given our dog - "Idiot-Dog"

C'mon, you know you want it! LOL!

Second, I was cracking up because from that conversation I could just see that elderly lady. Cant read the inscriptions...LOL

2 degrees, huh? You and Brad are practically neighbors then! Are you going to give him a Yearbook Boy?

Anonymous said...

Jenni, sometimes, reading your blog is just like talking to you.
Love, Ronda

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

How sweet of you to hang out and chat with that lady. The poor thing, she is probably lonely...too bad she won't take little puppy off your hands, huh?
They seem like a perfect match.

Mommy Cracked said...

Aww, what a sweet little pup! And very cool on the Brad Pitt thing!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

This line made me so incredibly jealous:

"The Hairdryer house is a no pet zone."