Saturday, October 04, 2008

Bloggy Book Games

Way back at the beginning of the summer I started Bloggy Book Games. Skizzer by Kiesling was the book I chose to pass around. The idea was that each blogger would read the book and then hold a giveaway to pass it on to the next blogger. I wanted to end the game at the end of the summer and have the last reader send it back to me so I could recap all the places it's been.

It turns out that I'm a softie and the last two bloggers that have read the book have used their powers of persuasion to keep the game going. I've agreed that it would be fun to keep the game going for a little bit longer, and Sheila at Sheila's Thoughts is currently giving the book away.

If you'd like a chance to participate in Bloggy Book Games 2008, go visit Sheila and leave a comment.

Happy reading!


Misty said...

so fun... it should go for a year...

SJ said...

How how fun! I'm so excited that it's still going!