Friday, December 05, 2008

Holiday Happenings 2008

Welcome to Holiday Happenings! I'm so glad you found us today! I hope your holiday season is blessed and that you are able to celebrate the love of our faithful Father with good friends and even gooder family.
I love this time of year! I love decorating, snuggling, drinking hot chocolate, watching movies, playing games, and listening to Christmas carols. I love the family time this season affords. Short days and cold nights make it easy to stay in bundled up together.
And I guess that's the tradition I'm going to share this year. December is traditionally a busy month. There are parties, and shopping, and wrapping, and baking to keep us busy and suck our time away. And we do all of that...but the past few years, we've tried really hard to make the most of the time we have.
I hate making it to December 25th and realizing that every little thing got done in preparation for the Big Day, but we were stressed and snippy and hard to live with for a whole month just to make it to that point. So, I began to make some cutbacks.
We give a few less gifts than before. I know, tis the season for giving. But it had gotten out of control for us. When I came to the realization that not every uncle twice removed from Great Aunt Bessie's side of the family needed a hand made gift , it began a huge transformation in me.
We don't send out Christmas cards. I know, it was hard to let that one go. But it was such an exhilarating feeling when I realized that I'm still a good person even if I don't send out Christmas cards.
We party less. We don't host a Christmas party, but we do make it a point to make time for family and friends in less formal ways. We only attend 1 or two parties during the season. And the parties we do attend, are almost no work at all. We realize that the best part about going to a party is being with friends, not the glamorous decorations and 5 star food.
We make the most of the time we do have . . . even if it's only a school night. I try to get the homework done early. We stay in for supper. We take baths early and get in our snuggly pajamas as soon as possible. We play games, or watch that favorite Christmas special, or work on that challenging puzzle. Whatever it is, we do it together, and those are the times our kids remember and ask about over and over.
As I'm typing this, I realized that I sound a bit Scrooge-esque, but I don't really see it that way. We just started slowing down our month. We took control back of the monster that is December, and made it work for us. And we have some great memories to show for it! I love that tradition!
What about you? What are some things you're doing to celebrate the season?


javamamma said...

I don't think you sound Scrooge-esque. I think that all sounds lovely! I need to put some thought into this, then I'll participate later.

Sara@ Butterville said...

I think cutting back on all the frills and expenses is awesome. We celebrate Christmas Eve so we have a quiet Christmas, to celebrate the REAL reason for the season!
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Misty said...

you don't sound scrooge-esque at all... honestly I think that you sound boundaried... each person/family has to do what they can... my love language- for example- is gifts, so gift giving is first nature to me, and one of the key reasons I love this month. Yours, i wondering, is possibly quality time... :) I think you are doing wonderful!

Anonymous said...

THanks for hosting! I have to drag myself away from the computer to shower now... Aren't you glad you know?

Mommy Cracked said...

Not Scroogy at all! I love the idea off slowing down and not being so stressed. I think it helps us to be more aware of the reason for the season.

Sunny said...

I think it's good to cut back and focus on the really important things. I'll work on my happening and get back to ya.

Oh and I tagged you! Here's the post

Cheri said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because of what you said about not being a bad person if you don't send out Christmas cards - I didn't. And I'm so thankful (not to mention my bank account)! You inspired me to just let it go - and I did.
Love reading about your family's Christmas!