Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Really Random

Does anyone else have trouble packing for a Spring Break get-away to a warmer destination when it's currently 31 degrees at your real life destination? How do you convince your body that it will be warm enough to wear those cute new capris and flip flops when every cell is working to keep a constant body temperature?

Isn't making a king sized bed by yourself harder than making a queen size bed by yourself?

Why do boys' dirty clothes smell so much worse than girls' ?

And why is it so hard to take 10 more seconds and actually put it where it goes?

If I order pictures online, check and double check my order, why, when I receive my prints, are my orders always 2 or 10 pictures short?

Why does eating chocolate make you gain weight?

Isn't Sara Lee the bomb for making white bread that's actually good for you? While we're at it, how about a shout out to Lays Light?


Sunny said...

Well...packing for warmer climate - haven't done that yet.

Beds - my evil beds are the bunk beds

Boys socks - right now my girls smell much worse than my boy (I know that will change!)

10 seconds - I have no idea but it is really hard

As for the others...I have no idea.

And...I've been missing my blog hopping (I'm barely posting) and realized you tagged me a long time ago...gotta go catch up on some posts!

Kelli said...

Lays Light ROCK! When my hubby & I go for our weekly treat at Subway (after weighing in) we usually get a super healthy sub w/ Baked Lays. This week, they were out and only had the Lays Light! Wow! 75 calories in that little bag & all the taste of the fattening stuff. My very new favorite thing!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Must try the Lays Light...

Totally agree with everything else.

Except I'll have to reverse the spring break trip packing....we are leaving a warmer climate and going to where rain, snow, sleet, and ice are forecasted as of today. Luckily we won't be there until next week....maybe that will give some time for the ol' sunshine to come around!