Thursday, March 12, 2009

We knew it would happen

The seasons are changing and we all know that means new shoes. So, I took the girls to Target tonight while Bubba and Honey went to baseball practice.

My little angels have gone and gotten themselves an opinion about the clothes they wear. All of a sudden we're fashionistas at our house.

If you've never taken two opinionated, hormonal 5 year old girls shopping for shoes, well, you're missing out. I heard the phrase, "Ewww! Mom, those are hideous!" no less than 64 times. And all I could think was, what's it going to be like when they are 15 instead of 5? And, I should be drinking something stronger than this skinny, decaf, vanilla late.

Needless to say, I came home with a headache. And when I got there I saw this. . .

Apparently, Bubba had a headache, too. And I'd venture a guess that his was worse than mine. The story he and his father are telling is that he was playing left field when the ball took a bad bounce. I'm told that the swelling had gone down by the time I saw it.

I found some cute bunny ears at the $1 Spot that I think I'll be using at The Preschool next month. So in an effort to take his mind off the pain, I made him take a picture wearing them. For posterity.

And for posterity, I'm going to show you a picture of the last time he wore bunny ears. It was his PreK year and his teacher wanted him to make a card to give to his parents.

It makes me laugh every time I see it. Still.


javamamma said...

So did you score any shoes? Pics?!?!?
I just have 1 hormonal 5 year old and I KNOW what shopping is like with her! I understand your headache. :)

Laci said...

Aww poor bubba!!! OH MY GOODNESS I laughed till I cried over the Pre-K bunny photo! HAA! Thanks for sharing! What a tough kid!

Misty said...

poor thing. Hilarious!

Kelli said...

He looks like he enjoyed it as much then as he does now! :) How cute! Love the black eye! I had a couple of bad bounces in left-field myself that had me looking like that too!