Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Randomness

The great thing about making a king size bed is that it's a big square, so it doesn't matter which way the fitted sheet goes on.

I'm not often excited about cleaning, but when the mood strikes, stay outta' my way!

When someone that works for a landscaping company lives in your house, your laundry room is NEVER clean.

But when I am cleaning, the laundry room is my favorite because it's so small.

My next favorite is the living room because I usually just have to dust and vacuum.

And then it's the master bedroom because it stays clean the longest.

And then it's the kitchen, because when it's clean, you can kinda' ignore the rest of the chaos going on around you.

It's time for a new scent in the hairdryer house.

Brooke is spending the day with Gran at work, so I after I dropped her off at the office, I took Mary TuTu to lunch, just the two of us. We went to Rosa's, her very favorite, and she got to order a kids meal and eat almost all of the queso and chips all by herself. She was in heaven.


The Pittman Family said...

I love a clean house- even if it's all stuffed in the drawers and closets. It makes me feel at peace! I'll have to try the "new scent"- I bet it smells great and Matt loves vanilla!!

The Binkley Family said...

Okay, just noticed that you have lost 50 lbs! WOW!!! You need to show us how awesome you look!

~ej said...

i also love a clean house, but sections of mine are clean periodically and never at the same time. and lol @ the square bed, good point :)