Friday, May 29, 2009

"But if you loose the devil gets your soul..."

Name that song.

It's the last day of school. In just about 2 hours, I'll pick Bubba up from school and snap some so-glad-this-year-is-over pictures of him, his friends, and his teachers. And summer will officially begin.

And my house is already trashed.

Earlier in the week, I tried to clean it up using the "allow the twins to stay inside the house while I clean" method. But that was unsuccessful. As soon as I would get something straightened, put away, or dusted, they came right back behind me and messed it all up.

I couldn't stand in awe and amazement feeling that sense of accomplishment and gaze upon the cleanliness I had just produced. There wasn't time. And I need some awe and amazement to keep my cleaning momentum going.

So today I tried a different approach, the "lock the twins in the back yard for 30 minutes while I clean" method. It's been a beautiful morning, our back yard is shady and cool in the mornings. There is a big, comfy bench on the porch. And even though there was no one to play with because all of their friends are still in school, I told them to entertain each other. Seriously, what's the point in having twins if they can't entertain each other every once in a while?

The girls weren't happy about this arrangement. And after only interrupting the cleaning about 62 times and asking if it was time to come in, they decided I meant business and stayed out there. I straightened, dusted, and vacuumed the living room, lit some candles and surveyed my accomplishments. And then let the girls back in.

After I laid down the law about what can and cannot happen in the newly clean living room, Mary TuTu went straight for her purse where her beloved journal and blue marker are kept. She sat at the bar and drew this picture.

And then she told me about it. At the top is our house, and then the fence. The squiggly line is our grass. And that stick figure is the devil.
I think she loved her outside time this morning.


Jenni said...

"Devil Went Down To Georgia" ..... love the drawing!

is it fate that the word verification is "messess" ???

Erica said...

That drawing is hilarious!! I am sure that I will be getting one of those sometime this summer too. Probably sooner rather than later;-)