Saturday, May 30, 2009

"What time is it? Summer time!"

Name that song.

Ok...that one was easy.

As we approached the summer, I started looking at it with the theme of "intentional" in mind.

Summer 2007...very intentional with the kids. We made the most of every day of our summer and were so sad to see it go.

Summer 2008...not so much. The only thing I intentionally did was take the kids to the library so I could check out the next book on my reading list...and go to the pool to make them so tired they'd crash on the couch every afternoon giving me a chance to read the book I'd checked out.

Summer 2009...find that delicate balance. It's there, I know it!

Summer Wish List

To give...more yes answers.
The kids are always wanting to invite friends wherever to do whatever we're doing. I've learned that they are generally happier and more well behaved when they have a friend along. And happier, more well-behaved kids makes me a happier, more well-behaved momma.

To continue...the stuff that's worked in the past.
Our summer favorites include going to the pool almost daily and going to the library every week. We have a record of making a really big deal out of really small things. This spring we worked really hard to eat dinner together around the table every night.

What's the saying? "Don't fix it if it ain't broke."

To spend...time directly teaching my kids about the love God has for them.
I want my kids to be grounded in God's word from an early age. I want them to be deeply rooted in the knowledge that no matter what happens or what they've done God loves them outrageously. I've already got verses and activities. The Hands On Bible published by Tyndale helped me tons while planning.

My goal is to cover 1 verse each week that we're home. And then talk about it when we lie down and when we get up and when we walk down the road...

To defer list of options often.
When it comes to meal planning, I've really found what works for me is a list of options. With a list of options, you have some structure because you know you're prepared for anything on the list. But it's a small amount of structure because there is no set schedule telling when something has to be done. When you need an idea, the list is defer to...often.

The thing is, our list of options must be very inexpensive or free. 'Cus we're on a budget.

Some things on my list of options:

  • go to the park
  • teach the girls to roller skate
  • have a picnic
  • invite a friend over
  • ride bikes
  • play games or cards
  • jump on the trampoline in the sprinkler
  • family movie
  • invite friends over for an ice cream supper
What do you think? Any suggestions for my list of options?


Shelly said...

I have another week before summer officially starts here. I want to be more intentional too, but I'm not sure exactly what direction to go in. As usual, I'm taking pointers from you. (God is so good to give me a friend like you, even after ___ years!)

On our list of options...$1 movie (minus snacks), and our library has a Monday Madness program each week that is free and brings in all kinds of performers and sometimes animals--we really enjoy that.

Misty said...

You are so cool... can I resource your to do list? I love it... I try (and often fail) to live an intentional life... I love this idea.

kimberly t. bowling said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about my baby boy and his surgery....a mother's heart is heavy even when you know there's a BIG GOD in charge. It's so very hard not to worry.

Anyway, I love your thoughts for summer. And since we will be confined indoors, specifically to the bed a good bit for a few weeks, I'm going to have to find some creative ways to keep him and the other two entertained.

I must get a copy of the Hands On Bible you mentioned. Any other ideas???? I'm pulling from every place possible. :)