Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I know, it's just so hard to believe.

I think I'm beginning to discover my inner drama queen. For some reason, I've decided that y'all are dying to know what I wore last week. So, I'm participating in What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy. The idea is to take a picture of yourself every day for a week and show the world wide web what you're wearing. I think I'm enjoying it because I'm a girl, and girls love to see what other girls are wearing.

This isn't exactly the best week for me to be posting pictures of myself. It turns out that I have two zits big enough to merit their own social security number. I just have to name them first. Oh well . . .

And, apparently, I heart all things Eddie. Eddie Bauer is quickly becoming my favorite place to buy clothes, I love wearing Ed Hardy perfume, and then there's Edward.

My warm-weather clothes are enjoying a mid-summer break, thanks to hurricane Alex. It rained for 4 days straight and hasn't been in the 90s for over a week, which is pretty much the opposite of what we're used to.

And...I had to get creative with my self portraits. I don't own a full length mirror. I tried standing on my tub, but it made me too tall and the mirror cut my head off. Then I tried my shorter stool, but you couldn't see my feet. And I wanted y'all to see my shoes...until I realized that I wear flip flops all. the. time. I wear them so much that I started calling them "flips" for short.

Anyway...enjoy What I Wore Wednesday.

Thursday - swimming lessons, waiting for tub repairman, lunch with Mom:
pink Izod cotton t-shirt: JC Penny's (birthday gift-card)
denim capris: Gap Outlet
pink polka-dot flips: Yellow Box

Friday - last day of swimming lessons (in the rain), being lazy around the house watching it rain:
white tank: Old Navy
red/black jacket: one of Honey's novelties
denim capris: Gap Outlet
black flips: Teva

Saturday - hang out at the house, watch it rain, cookout with my family:
white tank: Old Navy
teal tank with crochet neckline: Old Navy
denim skirt: Eddie Bauer
blue/teal flips: Yellow Box

Sunday - church, lunch at Abuelo's:
purple shirt - Eddie Bauer
skirt - Eddie Bauer
sandals - Clark's Outlet

Monday morning we went swimming with friends and I'm NOT putting a picture of that on here. Monday evening we cooked out with my parents and this is what I wore. To be honest, I wore it Tuesday, too . . . cuz I hate laundry. So...

Monday evening - cookout; Tuesday - errands, dishes, laundry, picnic with middle school group at church:

white shirt - Kohl's
khaki shorts - Eddie Bauer
flips - flea market in Cancun
jewelry - Burlington Coat Factory


406 Olivia said...

Love the long skirt on you!

Kristin said...

LOVE the name of your blog! Unfortunately, I'm with you on the zit thing - I had to make a comment in my own WIWW because it made me wear my hair the same every day in an attempt to hide them - gross. Cute outfits! And Abuelo's for lunch - YUM!!

Shauna said...

ca-ute! maybe if I started participating in this I'd dress less 'homelessly'. I may try!! love your blog!

themac5 said...

You look so fabulous! I am going to have to use you as inspiration :)

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jenni! I love to crochet, so of course I love all the crochet edging and embellishment that I see on so many tops, so in style right now!.. Love all your outfits, but my favorite has to be Saturday's, with the crochet neckline on such a pretty teal top!.. I am new to this event this week, and admittedly with all the picnicking and hot temps, my outfits leaned toward casual and comfortable... with a touch of holiday spirit! It was fun! ~tina

Our Little Family said...

You are so cute and so funny! I love your blog!! What a GREAT week of outfits (and girls DO love seeing what girls wear!). Oh, and I've totally done the same thing with my "flips." :)

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I've thought of doing this but haven't had the guts.
You look great. I love Eddie Bauer too, once i get over the price shock. Still, it lasts forever.
I just might have to do this, as I love it when others do. Hmmm?