Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where the beds are soft and the showers are big

We got home from camp last night. We pulled in to the church around 5:00, and Mary TuTu's superhuman instinct kicked in to high gear. She figured it was about supper time. And while we were locating Bubba and Bubba's luggage, she was planning to "just stop by The Rosa's and pick up something for dinner" on the way home. had been over a week since we'd eaten at The Rosa's. That's the longest we've gone without chips and queso since we went to camp last year. They probably think we moved and left no forwarding address.

Sorry Rosa's...our church is the coolest. While we were spending the week in the mountains with some of the greatest kids ever, one of the parents was back home organizing. Meals. For the adults that went to camp. When we arrived back at the church all we had to do (after a quick restroom break) was choose a meal and take it home.

It was super nice to be able to unload the car and not worry about dinner. Or drive through Rosa's.

Don't get me wrong, Rosa's, we did miss you. We'll catch up later :)

What was not super nice was my laundry room after unloading the van. Here it is before the first 7 loads of laundry. Honey thinks we have 3 or 4 left. He's taken it upon himself to be the laundry nazi.

That shadow in the bottom left corner? That's his arm. He was dying to get started on the laundry as soon as we walked in the door. He was a little put out that he had to wait for me to take a picture.
I would have gotten around to the laundry...eventually...
So, I have absolutely nothing I should be doing except laundry, and unpacking, and taking a quick assessment of the current grocery situation. Instead, I'm spending my time thinking about the amazing week with the wonderful kids and the equally fabulous staff.
No amount of laundry can steal my camp joy.

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