Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Honey Loves Me So Much

With a year of being a SAHM of school children under my belt, I've learned that summer is not the time to check things off of my big project to do list. Big projects are WAY more fun when the kids are IN school. The slave labor is not as readily available, but let's be honest, the kids never do that great of a job anyway. I always end up going back and re-doing.

So, in honor of the first week of school, we're painting the laundry room and kitchen. The laundry room is done.

I LOVE the color. I LOVE it so much that I find myself sitting on our bench just staring at it.
This is what the kitchen looks like right now:

I'm trying to decide why the color around the door doesn't look the same as the color in the laundry room. It's the same paint. I suspect it's a combination of the old blue color and the different lighting in the kitchen compared to the laundry room. I even tried hanging my plate back up on the wall in hopes that the color would grow on me. It didn't.
This news was a little disappointing to Honey. Because he painted the kitchen not even 18 months ago, with the color I picked . . . and because I suggested buying the expensive, non-returnable, primer-in-the-paint for the new color so it would cover the old color more easily.
When I mentioned that I might not be in love with the color the way it looked in the kitchen, he might have needed a break from all the "togetherness" we were having during our little paint project.
After changing the lightbulbs in the kitchen and then changing them again, Honey spray painted some primer on the wall above our original test arch and painted over that, and I liked it much better.
So we have a plan . . . and it involves using the paint we'd already purchased . . . in addition to purchasing all new lightbulbs for the kitchen and 2 gallons of primer.
Honey says I'm grounded from picking out paint colors.


jenifer said...

love your laundry room!

The Binkley Family said...

i do love that color. I will tell you that four years ago, I picked a color I thought I was in love with, hired a painter and "transformed" a dark brown painted room (inherited with the house) to a pale green. When the painter left, I stared at the room and wanted to cry. Eventually I did grow to like the color, but I have decided that lighting can definitely change the color, so good call on the lightbulbs.

Su said...

I can see why Honey might be a little distressed. But the colour in the laundry room is lovely.