Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some things I think need to be publicly acknowledged...

When Uncle Bubba moved out we turned his room into an "exercise room". I'm using that term loosely because what we really did was buy a treadmill off of Craig's List and set it up. The 5 lb hand weights that I have also found a home in the "exercise room". And after doing Jillian for a couple of days with the 5 lb weights, I purchased some 2 lb weights, and they live in the "exercise room", too.

Now that we have an "exercise room" the girls' old dresser/changing table has a home. Only now it serves as a TV stand for my old college TV . . . my 27 inch vintage 1992 complete with a built in VCR college TV. It was the 50 inch plasma of its day. Back in the day, we could get so many people huddled around its massive 27 inches during Days of Our Lives.

However in 2010, the 27 inch isn't so versatile. We have no cable in the "exercise room" so watching TV is not an option. We own very few VCR tapes, so our movie choices are limited.

I get so bored on the treadmill. It's the longest 30 minutes of my life. The other day, the iPod wasn't cutting it, and I decided to watch a movie. My choices were Wayne's World, Wrestlemania III, or our wedding video. We're doing a wedding this weekend and nuptials were on my mind, so after vowing to buy a DVD player for the "exercise room" I watched our wedding.

And this is the part where I acknowledge some things publicly:

1. If you were one of my bridesmaids . . . I'm sorry. I know I promised to pick out dresses that you could wear again. And at the time my love clouded wedding mind told me that your dresses were the most beautiful dresses out there and anyone would be crazy not to want to cut them off and wear them to church or your office Christmas party. But now, 12 years later, I see the error in my thinking, and I'm sorry.

2. And to my roommate that was 6 months pregnant when she wore her bridesmaid dress . . . I'm double sorry. Because when are you going to wear a maternity, floor length dress again?

3. To my cousin . . . THANK YOU. I loved having you at the wedding, but it was in the middle of July and you were 8 months pregnant, and I made you get all dressed up just to sit at the sign in table.

Now that I've been 8 months pregnant in the middle of July, I know that getting all dressed up and sitting in a hot church greeting and being seen by EVERYONE entering the wedding was at the very bottom of my list of things to do . . . THANK YOU for doing that for me.

4. To Honey's cousin . . . you were a great best man. During one of the prayers, I was wiping my nose (because I'm not pretty when I cry) and had no where to put my dirty Kleenex. Honey took it and was going to put it in his pocket, but you took it and gave Honey all of your clean ones. So, thanks for dealing with my snot rags. Way to take one for the team.

5. And to Uncle Bubba . . . thank you for waiting to dye your hair orange until that night after the wedding and reception. You went up and down the aisle more than anyone that day and your ORANGE hair would have really been out of place.


Su said...

You've just answered my long-held question: "Who re-watches their wedding video?" Now I know it's people who are stuck on a treadmill. :)

Although I can't imagine why you didn't choose Wrestlemania III.

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

I thought the bridesmaid dresses were beautiful. And I did try to wear it again, but that is the day it was not in my closet and I opted for the dress I wore to my cousins wedding, and well...the rest is a funny story!

It was a beautiful day! I'm so glad you met Honey!

Oh, and I started out with 3 lb weights with Jillian--oh. my. word!