Monday, October 04, 2010

Good Food

It's fall, y'all! Here's what I'm making for dinner tonight. I need something quick and easy to end the day of grocery shopping. BUT...there will be several crock pot meals at our house this week!

Happy October!

An oldie, but a goodie...part of a post originally published December 5, 2007

I love this recipe because if I buy all the right package sizes, the ingredients are already measured and prepared. All I have to do is throw them together, all in one pot. Making the clean up easy schmeasy. Honey and the kids LUV it, it's oh so easy, and it goes a little somethin' like this;

1 lb. ground meat (we use ground turkey, but it would be great with beef or sausage)

1 1lb,10 oz jar Prego spaghetti sauce (we use traditional flavored because we're crazy like that)

1 sm can tomato sauce

6 oz. uncooked whole wheat spaghetti

2 c grated mozzarella cheese

to taste: garlic, dried diced onions, oregano, basil

Cook spahgetti in large sauce pan, drain, and set aside. Using the same pan, brown and drain the meat. Add Prego sauce, tomato sauce, noodles, and 1/2 of the cheese. Add seasonings. Stand at the stove and stir the sauce until the cheese is melted. Try a taste just to make sure the flavor is good and imagine you are a fiesty Italian mama that makes her own sauce from scratch. When your Italian alter ego is satisfied with the taste, pour in a 9 x 13 casserole dish and top with remaining cheese. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 20 mins or until bubbly. Have Honey pick up some Fazoli's bread sticks on the way home. Serve warm and enjoy!


Letti said...

My kids would love this recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

This is a great meal even without the bread sticks!