Thursday, November 04, 2010

Finally Fall!

Fall is finally here to stay! It's actually been fall-like here for a couple of weeks, but I was scared to say it out loud until now. Sometimes when you say stuff out loud about the weather, it changes just to spite you.

It's been our ritual for the last couple of years to have a month of rest some time throughout the year. January is usually our month of choice. It just makes sense to take a step back, regroup, and refocus after the busy holiday season.

January 2010 just didn't provide that opportunity for us. Subbing full time and keeping up with three different basketball schedules probably had a little something to do with that. By the time Spring Break 2010 rolled around, I was feeling pretty strung out. I was ready to enter some sort of 12 step program to conquer my addiction to busy-ness. Instead, Honey took us on a road trip and it got me through til summer. Barely.

Suffice it to say, I missed the month of rest.

It was about a week in to September when I began to think that all was not lost on the resting month idea. I realized that we didn't need baby new year or snow falling outside to take a break. September and October were already promising to deliver the busy, but November looked optimistically empty.

I laid down the law...WE WILL REST IN NOVEMBER.

November is the new January. It seems fitting since we "fall back" in November. What could be more conducive to rest than gaining an hour of sleep?

Some things we'll focus on this year during our rest:

*keep the outside activities very limited

*make good use of our nights at home with lots of meals, games, movies, and family re-connection

*limit the number of times I say "Not right now"

*spend time with extended family and friends

*count our blessings ~ focus on thanksgiving

*Honey and I will be seeking direction and wisdom from God as we prepare for the new year ahead

I love this tradition and always feel rested and ready to tackle another year when the month is over.

What are some things you do to intentionally keep your family grounded and connected?

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Gayle said...

There is MUCH wisdom in what your doing!
We are BIG proponents of scaling back outside stuff, too. I lose it when we are overcommited (which is soooo easy to do).