Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Girls' Summer Journal

I dont' really know what's with me and scrapbook posts lately, but...

This summer was the year for the girls to do their summer after Kindergarten journal. We love reading and re-reading Bubba's and the girls were super excited to make theirs.

I worked theirs a little differently than Bubba's. His was less focused on the scrapbooking part and more focused on the journaling part.

The girls are loving anything having to do with crafts right now, so I bought a couple of 8x8 scrapbook kits at Hobby Lobby. The kits came with a book, page covers, and everything you need to make 10 really cute scrapbook pages.

And directions...with pictures...

It was really easy to find all the pieces for each page. Then I just let the girls go to town recreating the pages they saw on the directions. Once the pages were done, they chose the pictures they wanted on each page, cropped, and journaled. It was a fun craft and perfect for the hot afternoons in West Texas.

Brooke wrote about our vacation to Sea World.

"The man was funy. The cil wels wr sand up. Thay wr osum." (The man was funny. The killer whales were standing up. They were awesome.)
Brooke also wrote about our summer scavenger hunt.

"The presis wR Big. Pool wus osum. we capt insid. it w osum." (The presnets were big. The pool was awesome. We camped inside. It was awesome.)
Mary TuTu also wrote about our vacation.

"I wit to LOST LAGOON. It was fun. I Fed The Dyphin. Hlding The fis was dsgsding." (I went to Lost Lagoon. It was fun. I fed the dolphin. Holding the fish was disgusting.)
More Sea World...

"I loved The sooz. 1 one of The sooz was Auz and Believe! one of The Thranr was Doing a thrick with one of The Dyphins." (I love the shows. One of the shows was Azul and Believe! One of the trainers was doing a trick with one of the dolphins.)

And one more about San Antonio...

"Thes picxshrs are jest radm. I Am standing in Fnt uF The Alamo!" (These pictures are just random. I am standing in front of the Alamo!)


Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

What a neat project. I did an ABC book with SweetBoy, and planned to do something with SweetDoll but never did. I think I'll get that for her for Christmas!

Laci said...

yay!!! I've been waiting to see these! How fun, it looks like they really enjoyed making the books.