Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quick and Easy Scrapbook Idea

There is one redeeming quality about Halloween: my Halloween scrapbook.

It's small, simple, and took only a couple of hours. I shopped Hobby Lobby and got all of my embellishments and paper on clearance. A 6x6 book is perfect for just one 4x6 picture and a couple of cutsie things.

Now I have a picture of the kids dressed up every year since Bubba was born. For a while I was missing a picture, Bubba's 2nd Halloween. I just left a space for where it should be and went on with life. Eventually I found a picture of the missing night and added it in. Don't let one missing year keep you from such a quick, easy keepsake.

I set my book out some time in September when I decorate for fall and leave it out until I put Christmas up. It's fun to go back and look at how much the kids have grown and what costumes they loved which year.

Here are a few pages out of my book:

While I had all the stuff out and the mess made, I went ahead and scraped pages to fill the book. Now I have pages already done just waiting for a picture. Here are some pages in waiting:

I love my Halloween book. For this wanna-be scrapper, it's the perfect project. I feel a sense of accomplishment, I have a finished product, and I have no excuses for keeping it up-to-date.
I also have a Christmas book with pictures of the kids with Santa. My sister-in-law makes all of my nephew's birthday cakes. I think a birthday cake book would be fun.
Jennifer and her family carve pumpkins every year...
Or what about a first day of school book?
What family traditions do you have that could be a sweet keepsake for your family?


Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

I love that idea! I could have one for Halloween, Christmas, first/last day of school, camping... I would love to do that. I just never get it done to add pics to.

The Binkley Family said...

LOVE this idea!!!! I have started doing the online photo books the MOMENT we get home from a vacation. (That way my memory is better for the captions.) I then place my order, and within a week I have a gorgeous memory book. They aren't as cute but I love having them to look back at. I am the WORST about not printing pictures, so the online photo book works great for me. However, I LOVE this idea. Only one page a year...I can handle that. Thanks for the tip!