Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brooke woke up with a fever this morning. I'm just glad she decided to be sick before we sent her to school. Picking up in the middle of my workout yesterday morning wasn't my favorite.

With all the fevers and trips to CVS I've been a little distracted the last few days. Also, I'm still getting to know my new laptop. There are all sorts of updates, and program downloading, and document transferring to do...and blogging and facebook...

Did I mention I can do all of that wirelessly?

Honey left me a little reminder last night.

I guess he's feeling a little neglected.


Misty said...

that's so cute though! poor Brooke. Genny is sick at her tummy, but no fever... :(

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

With our schedule lately, I have hardly seen SweetHeart. Maybe I'll try that sticky note idea. I guess I'll have to put it on the steering wheel.

Hope your kids get to feeling better soon. And I hope you don't get it!

Pray for us to stay health through this weekend, especially.