Wednesday, January 26, 2011

some stuff

1. It snowed Monday night. We woke up yesterday morning to this:

The sidewalks and roads were clear, so no snow day, and it was gone by 11am, but it was nice to be reminded that it really is winter.

2. My friend Valerie is going on a mission trip to Uganda. She's my friend in real life and in blog life, and I know in real life she is super excited about this opportunity. To help raise money for her trip, she is selling jewelry made by women in Uganda. I bought a necklace and bracelet set similar to these from someone else a couple of summers ago and I love them. I wear them all summer long. I bought this one from Valerie and got it this morning. It is so cute! It looks just exactly like I imagined it would.
If you want to help Valerie raise money for her trip, or if you just have a penchant for cute jewelry, check out her site and leave a comment.

3. In the last two days, Bubba and Mary TuTu have come down with the flu. I took Mary TuTu to the doctor yesterday. If he hadn't told me to keep her home until Monday, I would have sent her hiney back to school. She sure was feeling fine to be so sick. I guess I should be glad she isn't wiped out.
I picked Bubba up from school this morning. He, on the other hand, is acting sick.
We're just hangin' out drinking lots of fluids and watching Family Feud with a little bit of Price is Right for good measure.
4. 30 Day Shred makes 30 minutes on the treadmill feel like a birthday party.
5. I went to the grocery store last night and what I really wanted to buy was a box of thumbprint cookies from the bakery. Instead, I bought a bag of Cuties. But only because Mom gave us a box of Girl Scout cookies. The good ones, Peanut Butter Patties.

6. Mom & Dad got me a Cricut for Christmas. I got it out and set it up on the dinning room table to see if it worked. And it stayed there on the table for 2 or 4 weeks. Monday I started cleaning/rearranging the office so I would have a place for it. Then Mary TuTu came home from school with a fever. With all the fever and the cleaning, I totally forgot about supper. So we went out to eat. Even though Mondays are usually cooking nights. Which is why I'm supposed to cook tonight, even though Wednesdays are usually eating out nights. We'll see.

7. I may or may not be addicted to Spider Solitaire.


Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Pretty snow! We have barely seen a flake. Last year spoiled me!

I love the small print! You crack me up!

Yesterday SweetTate and I went to the grocery store and it was comical. We were in the truck because the van is in the shop for major repairs. I knew I was in the truck, but didn't think about where the groceries would go. So we had groceries that wouldn't fly away in the back and the rest up front with us. Oh, did I mention that the driver's side door didn't work? So I had to climb in over SweetTate and groceries to get to my seat. And out across groceries and the boy to get out at the dentist office because you know we can't go to town for just one appointment! (Today we went and got the door fixed so we have one functioning vehicle--we just can't all fit in it!)

Misty said...

I just got a cricut too... It intimidates me...

I LOVED your line about the treadmill!

valerie in TX said...

Thank you for linking to my blog! And thanks so much for buying a necklace - I hope you will gets lots and lots of enjoyment out of it.

Yay for you about buying Cuties. I bought a bag of them today, too. Along with an iced raspberry danish twist. :)

And...I don't have a Cricut, but my MIL does. Remember last fall when I was trying to figure out how to make those painted canvases with scripture on them that I saw at Red Letter Words? MADE SOME over Thanksgiving! Yep. Ok, no. Not completely, but I cut out all the letters and figured out how to fit them on the canvases, and I've bought one canvas with a coupon at Hobby Lobby...just need to get my hiney in gear and go get 2 more. Yay! I'll do a post when I finally get them done.