Thursday, February 03, 2011

The crazy is out of control.


Can you hear it?

That's what it sounds like when I'm alone in the house in the middle of the morning.

I'd forgotten. It had been so long. Nine loooong days.

I know this crazy weather has everyone operating a little out-of-the-norm. Honestly? I was beginning to go a little cuckoo. I'd turned the corner at cabin fever and was headed towards whatever is a couple of miles down from cabin fever.

The days were starting to run together. No one knew what day it really was and watching TV didn't help. Was this show live or DVR'd? Was that weather warning for today or yesterday? Is school cancelled or just a 2 hour delay? This morning, I had to actually look at a calendar to figure out what day it was.

LAST Monday night our little mid-winter break started. Mary Tutu came home from school with a fever and I stayed home with her while the rest of the natives went to basketball practice.

Then Wednesday morning the school called. It was Bubba. I try not to let my voice sound disappointed when I answer the phone and it's the school nurse, but I'm not sure I'm successful every time.

Thursday morning Brooke woke up with a fever, and Honey decided to take a day off and help me with our little band of flu victims. And the flu victims? Well let's just say it was a pretty light case of the flu. They all had one rough day in the beginning and then felt mostly fine for the rest of their 5 day doctor imposed quarantine.

And the Tamiflu? It is dead to me. It took me until Friday for me to realize that flu-wise the kids were fine. It was the Tamiflu that was making them nauseous and loose their appetite every 12 hours or so. Because Bubba? Along with his man-sized everything else comes man-sized vomit.

Just sayin'.

Saturday was day 5 at home with sickies. Family Feud and Price is Right are only weekday shows, so Honey offered to let me get out of the house and take his place coaching the two basketball teams. I was feeling crazy enough that I almost took him up on the offer, but thankfully my common sense kicked in before it was too late.

Sunday, right after I determined that Mary Tutu and Bubba would be returning to school on Monday, I took a shower, got dressed up, put on my new necklace and some perfume, and went to The Rosa's for some takeout.

While we were eating lunch, we started hearing the weather people talk about all the snow and the arctic air we were supposed to get Monday night. My instincts kicked in and I quickly made a list of all the stuff we needed to be prepared for The Storm. Then I left the house and "ran some errands" for a couple of hours. We were in desperate need of some hand soap from Bath and Body Works.

Monday I sent Honey and 2 kids to school, but kept Brooke home just to make sure her tummy was back to normal. But I promised her that she could go back to school on Tuesday.

Then Monday night it snowed. And arctic air blew in.

And Tuesday? The school declared a snow day. And Honey stayed home from work because the town he drives to every day had snow and arctic air.

And the voices in my head began to chant "You are our prisoner! We will never let you go!" I realized that snow days are way more fun when you haven't already been cooped up in the house for a week.

Tuesday night, my parents came to the rescue. They stayed with the kids while Honey and I went out to eat with friends. Adult friends. That weren't sick or vomiting. It was nice.

Wednesday? The school declared a two hour delay. Honey stayed home again because the town he drives to every day had more snow and arctic air. It is nice to have him around on days like this though. He drove the kids to school and then drove to pick them up. Church was canceled so we could stay in and keep warm and safe, so we went to a local basketball game and out to eat. Because at that point, warm and safe were feeling overrated.

And today? We still had a two hour delay. Honey went back to work. We slept in again, the house is empty, and all is right with my world.

I've decided if we can survive a week starting the school day at 10am, we should just do it that way every day.

I think I'm on to something.


Misty said...

Some schools start at 10 a.m...

Glad you have some peace and quiet, enjoy it!

kimberly t. bowling said...

I'm totally with you on school beginning at 10am...what's the big rush to get there so early anyway? :)

And I feel your "craziness" with the sick children, snow days and cabin fever. Same around here, although our snow/ice scenario came a couple of weeks back, but crippled our safety for buses here in Alabama for a week. Out of school for the whole week...ugh. And I think, or maybe it just feels like it, some one of our kids has been sick the entire month of January. Enough already. Bring on more warm weather and less amoxicillin. :)

Su said...

I've been saying for years that nothing should start before 9 AM! 10 is even better!! :)

valerie in TX said...

Oh my gosh this post made me laugh out loud! More than twice. ;) I am SO with you on the 10 o'clock thing. I do not understand why school people are allowed to try to force everyone to become morning people. It's just not right.

Erica said...

I am so sorry you have all been so sick. That is not a great way to start the year but hopefully you got it out of the way and the rest of the year will be a breeze. Glad you survived and I think a 10:00am start time would be great or at least 9:00am.