Monday, January 10, 2011

Reasons I think the end might be coming in 2011...

1. Dallas and Atlanta have 5 inches of snow on the ground and we haven't had anything wet fall from the sky since October...Atlanta for pete's sake.

2. Oh, wait, I forgot, New Year's eve we did have some wet dirt falling from the sky for about 20 minutes. Just long enough to give the WHOLE ENTIRE CITY that dirty, dried up water drop finish. That happens all the time, though, and really doesn't support my end times theory.

3. As of January 8, my Christmas decorations were down, packed, and stored in the attic. That's a good 20 days before my usual goal and a month before my personal deadline. It's kind of a big deal.

4. Baylor played in a bowl game and Texas did not.

5. Speaking of bowl games...I am so over them. Seriously... just let me donate $20 to fight hunger so we don't have to waste TV time showing these two teams I've never heard of play another game in another baseball park turned football stadium.

6. Let's make a rule: If you don't have a football stadium available, you can't host a bowl game.

7. I did not watch one parade this holiday season. Not Macy's on Thanksgiving, not Disney on Christmas, not Rose on New Year's day. I'm kinda' bummed about that.

8. I woke up at 5:00am every day last week to EXERCISE.

9. And I'm planning on doing it again this week.

10. My dad drank coffee on Christmas Eve. My parents didn't even own a coffee maker until Christmas Eve and there my dad was in front of the whole world drinking coffee. I don't think he liked it though, because Christmas Day he was back to energy drinks, Coke, and hot chocolate.

11. On this new Weight Watchers plan, Chocolate Cheerios are worth the same amount of points as Fiber One. If it is the end times, I'll die a happy woman!


valerie in TX said...

I'm over the bowl games, too. Mister was watching one on Saturday, and I thought, "STILL??" Enough, already. Cracking up about #4, and boo to 5 a.m. excercise. (except, yay for you!)

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Too funny! You might be on to something!

Yep, our Dallas-area family had a snow day today. Bitter cold with no snow is no fun!

We tried to watch the Macy's parade but the power went out. :( But we did get to see the whole rose parade. It was gorgeous and that satisfied my parade itch.

We aren't too much into basketball, so more football is fine with me. It is great to take a nap with a game in the background!

I'm trying to workout too--just not at 5am! You go girl!

I'm still not drinking coffee, but I have been drinking hot tea.

I always enjoy your blogs! Love you!

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Oh, and on the snow thing...last year kind of spoiled us!

Dionna said...

I really need to try the chocolate cheerios!

Misty said...

So... are chocolate cheerios the same heart healthy bonus as regular cheerios? And are they good???

and 5 a.m.??? you are my inspiration... want to be my accountability partner?