Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's like having twins all over again

We're trying to settle in to some sort of a routine. Yesterday was a school holiday. Mary Tutu woke up with an ear ache. I couldn't decide if she really had an ear infection or if she just wanted to visit the doctor because that is so in right now.

We finally settled on letting the school nurse check it out and give her opinion.

Since it was a school holiday, we took advantage of the quiet time and visited with our school nurse about Brooke's new schedule. We love our nurse...she knows her stuff, and I know she'll take great care of Brooke.

She confirmed that Mary Tutu should probably see the doctor.

Bubba, who has handled this so well, was not thrilled with spending his day off visiting with more nurses and doctors. So, he and Gran spent some quality time together.

I'm a little ashamed to admit that it took until Monday morning and a phone call from my dad for me to remember that I have 2 other children that need my love and attention. They had been operating on survival mode for the better part of 4 days, and it was catching up with all of us.

And, I've almost forgotten twice to give Mary Tutu her medicine for her ear infection.

And yesterday, I set the microwave to cook for 5 minutes and started it without putting the food in.

Since coming home from the hospital, Brooke's prized possession has been her bead collection and her journal. Yesterday morning Mary Tutu was beading with Brooke and did something wrong. I'm still not completely clear on exactly what happened, but push came to shove and the entire bead box got dumped.

Yes...I think there is some stress going on there.

We're working on it.

I feel like we've just introduced a new born to our family. This diabetes thing needs quite a bit of attention right now. You've got to feed it every 2 hours. You've got to check on it during the night. You've got to stop what you're doing 4 times a day and give it what it needs. If you're leaving the house, you've got to pack a bag.

This must be what it felt like the first few weeks after the twins were born. To be honest, I don't really remember, there is kind of a black hole in my memory during that time. All I really know is that we had it under control, but caring for the babies consumed every minute. And we were so thankful to have family close.

Today, I dropped my newborn off at school and am trusting my people there to take care of her. I know she'll be fine, but it still wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done.

Soon we'll figure out all the little tricks and it will become second nature. Soon Brooke won't remember life before diabetes. But right now, we're adjusting.


Ashley said...

Praying you and the rest of the family adjust soon and have a good week!

valerie in TX said...

What a hard adjustment. We're praying for you guys. And just know that it's ok for our kids to see the inner workings of stress and difficulty, and how to work through it, and that sometimes the focus has to be on someone else for a while. You guys are doing awesome. Will be praying for peace and rest for you all. :)

Misty said...

I have a good friend whose son was just diagnosed with diabetes in January... It gives me chills, to be quite honest... Bless your hearts!

Laci said...

Goodness, you had me bawling by the end of this! Everyone is praying and we love you. In time it will all settle. Xoxo! -laci