Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bubba Ruth

Bubba hit his first homerun today!

I wasn't thinking about taking pictures, I wasn't thinking about getting the ball that made it over the fence. I was cheering and watching him run the bases. I have a great mental picture of him rounding 2nd. Thankfully, two other team moms took care of the ball and photos.

Here's the celebration at home plate. Bubba's the one in the blue helmet getting hugged by #4.

About the time this picture was taken, another mom had a group of little boys scouring the parking lot for the ball with an offer of a dollar for the one that found it. She said she knew Grampy was right behind her ready to ante up if it came down to it. I think it wound up costing him $2.

And suddenly I'm more excited about baseball season.


Ashley said...

Yea Bubba!!! Good job! And yea for other mom's covering the "bases" for you with pictures and the ball. :)

valerie in TX said...

Wahoo! That's sooo cool! And yes, yay for other moms taking care of pictures and the ball - I wouldn't have been thinking about those things either! :)

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Gosh, I might have thought about taking a picture--maybe. But I wouldn't have thought about getting the ball. How cool is that! Glad you enjoyed the moment and the other moms took care of it. Enjoy the season!