Friday, March 18, 2011

Coming to you live, on location...

Right now I'm watching the kids swim while Honey enjoys some peace and quiet in the form of March Madness. I told them that we would stay at the pool as long as my computer battery lasted. I'm gonna be honest and tell you that my battery really doesn't last that long, even when it's fully charged. So while I talk about how wonderful it is to surf the web wirelessly, what I really mean is while plugged in to the nearest outlet.

We decided to spend the weekend in Oklahoma City. We woke up waaay too early for spring break and hit the road this morning. Since we're only spending 2 nights away from home our goal was to make it to Oklahoma City in time to see a few sights this afternoon.

Since we're living with Diabetes now, our travel style has changed a bit. We (when I say we I really mean Honey) made breakfast burritos to eat in the car instead of stopping at McDonald's for an Egg McMuffin on our way out of town. We hit the open road and watched the sun rise while we enjoyed our homemade breakfast. And then, breaking every travel rule I've ever been taught, we stopped about 30 miles out of town and took a restroom break and gave Brooke her first shot of the day.

But then after that we made some miles.

We didn't stop for 4 more hours, and it was time for lunch. I think that might be a record for us. The plan was to find a restaurant we don't have back home and eat there, but I'm not sure Mary Tutu got the memo. She started talking about Subway 45 minutes before lunch.

We made it to Elk City, OK and after taking the business route all the way through town we found this jewel.

And Mary Tutu made this face when she found out this was our lunch stop.

Because it wasn't Subway, and it didn't even have a gift shop. Because she brought $5 all the way from home and she's never gonna get to spend it. And it's not Subway.

After lunch we drove another hour and a half and landed at Harn Homestead. It's really cute. It's a bit of land just down the street from the capitol with turn of the century buildings like houses, barns, and even a one room school. This historical fiction fan loved it!

The kids got to clean the dried kernels off of corn cobs, separate the kernels, and grind them into cornmeal.

After leaving the homestead, we checked into our hotel, freshened up, and asked the desk clerk for dinner suggestions. He sent us to a local place called Interurban. It was right around the corner from our hotel and the menu had a little bit of everything.

You know what that is? My very own bowl of salsa and queso. Everyone at our table got one. For free. That's what I'm talking about, baby!

Bubba ordered the Cheeseburger Pizza and he said that the mustard sauce was "spot on". I really think he might be a food critic when he grows up.

Brooke loved her food so much she said, "I'm so telling Ms. Oliver about this." I'm pretty sure she thinks she and her teacher are BFFs.
I'm hoping the swimming will make the kids as tired as I feel. I think we'll dry off, shower up, and settle in with some basketball for the evening. How does your bracket look?

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Misty said...

It sounds wonderful! You've inspired me to really consider a road trip for our second spring break.

Laughing out loud at "spot on"... Is he a fan of Chopped?