Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everything short of the rain dance.

Blogger is wiggin' out. I've been blogging for almost 6 years (what?!) and I've never had this much trouble with Blogger. Maybe we need to do a little rain dance to help it get back to normal.
I don't really believe in rain dances. I believe that God is in control of the weather. He knows where every drop of rain has fallen since the beginning of time. He knows that fires burn in Arizona, that dirt blows in West Texas, that tornadoes have left devastation in Alabama, and that rivers are overflowing in the east.

He knows we think we need rain, and He knows when the rain will come again.

We still pray for rain. We NEED rain. I know our prayers will be answered.

I don't believe in superstitious, rain dance, Friday the 13th kind of stuff, but, I may or may not have done a few things here and there to offer myself as the butt of God's little joke just in case it unexpectedly rained.
I can laugh at myself. I'm not above taking one for the team if it means getting some moisture to our area. According to Facebook statuses (statusi ?) the last couple of days we've had less humidity than the Sahara or Mojave desert. Or that could be an urban legend.'s DRY here and we need some rain.
Our city did get a few scattered thunderstorms one night. Scattered is the key word in that sentence. Our house got high winds and about 5 drops of water.

I tried having the car washed. That always does the trick, right? Not just the cheap $8 wash, but the expensive, shine the tires, rain-x treatment, $12 wash.
No rain, not even just a little bit to leave water spots on the windows.

Then, I tried having Honey fertilize the yard...and water it in really well. Because everyone knows it always rains the night after you fertilize and water.

We are currently trying to wrap up baseball and softball season. We've been living through two sports seasons giving countless chances to rain out games.
No rain. Although we did have a short lightening delay at one baseball game.
About a week ago, I washed, folded, and put away all the spring sports blankets and jackets from the back of the suburban. I have absolutely nothing to guard against a sudden cold front/rain. And I have seen zero clouds in the sky.
About a month ago I noticed that the rear windshield wiper on the suburban needs to be replaced. I keep "forgetting" to look for a new one hoping for a sudden downpour and the need to use the windshield wipers so I can rue the day that I ignored the broken wiper.
So far, no downpours, sprinkles, or any other form of moisture requiring the use of windshield wipers. I'm wondering how long I should "forget" to replace the windshield wiper. The car is starting to look a little ghetto.
I'm thinking that if it doesn't rain soon, I'm going to WASH MY WINDOWS. But that is totally a LAST resort.
The girls are signed up for swimming lessons. Some combination of our children has been taking lessons every year since Bubba was 3, so...8 years (what?!). Every year one or two days have been "safety education days" due to rain, cold, and drizzle. I felt pretty confident as we arrived Monday morning for our first day of lessons that rain would come some time in the next two weeks.
Imagine my surprise when I found out that we were a week early. Our lessons start next Monday.
Yes. I'm that mom. It seems my brain is about as scattered as the thunderstorms we've been getting lately.
I'm still expecting rain some time in the next two weeks.
Starting next Monday.


Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Bring it on! And blow a little our way too! Washing windows would be my last resort too! (That is too funny!) Let me know when you are doing that and maybe I'll join you in coaxing a little rain out of the clouds...ok coax some clouds to FORM and then rain!

valerie in TX said...

I know, this drought is terrible. I was just thinking yesterday that before too long we'll be coming up on a YEAR that we've had any good, measurable, consistent rain. I know the farmers are miserable. Please, Lord, send down Your rain!

Misty said...

Agreed, Blogger is out of control. I've already decided that I'm taking the summer to switch completely to wordpress... this is ridiculous!

We have become the new seattle. it is raining here more than it isn't. I wish I could send to you a rain cloud to jump start things.